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Welcome to HalalAdviser! We are here to serve you with the best and most up-to-date pieces of information on halal matters. From finances to food, lifestyle, and more; we’re committed to providing you with relevant and factual information for your reference.

Our team of experts continuously works hard to ensure that our readers stay informed about the latest developments in the halal industry. With our comprehensive regimens, readers can rest assured that they have access to resources from credible sources across a spectrum of interesting topics in the world of halal – including finance, banking, investments, technology, and travel.

So, if you seek accurate knowledge from trustworthy sources, HalalAdviser is the ideal place for you!

At Halal Adviser, we understand the importance of living by Islamic values. That’s why we strive to provide comprehensive information about what it means to live a halal lifestyle – from understanding the basics of halal finance and investing to learning how to prepare delicious halal meals for your family.

Whether you have just started exploring Islam or have been following its teachings for many years, our website is designed to help you find what you need quickly and easily.

What You Can Find On Our Site

On our website, you’ll find a plethora of resources related to living a halal lifestyle. From informative articles about ethical investing and money management tips for Muslim households; to delicious recipes for everything from breakfast smoothies and muffins; to beauty advice tailored specifically towards Muslim women; there’s something here for everyone!

We also offer product reviews so that you can make informed decisions when shopping for halal products; as well as detailed guides on how different cultural practices fit into Islamic values.

Our mission is simple: To provide our readers with easy access to reliable information so they can confidently explore their faith while still enjoying activities they love like cooking delicious meals or keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

With our in-depth articles, product reviews, and helpful guides – discovering the beauty of Islam has never been easier! So hop online today and join us in embracing the halal way of life!

Meet Our Team

md yasir

Mohammad Yasir

My Name is Mohammad Yasir and we have a team of Muslims who is learning and trying to get the best information about what is halal or not.


Hafeez Aamir

Hafeez is a Muslim who is dedicated to the Rules and regulations of his religion. He spends much of his time exploring halal and haram sites, in order to better understand the distinctions between the two.

aamir mirza

Aamir Mirza

Aamir is a web developer and content creator who is passionate about halal and haram sites. He wants to provide the very best information to help people make informed decisions about what is and isn’t halal.

kaamil Hussain

Kaamil Hussain

Kaamil is a dedicated individual who works tirelessly to provide Accurate and reliable information about halal and haram activities for his community. He takes great care in separating fact from fiction and provides valuable resources for those looking to stay within the Bounds of Islamic law.

Shahina Islam

Shahina Islam

Content writer | B2B writer | Content Research Analyst | Internet Marketer

I’m an excellent web content writer with 9 years of experience in the digital media and publishing industry.

Shakira Ahmed

Shakira Ahmed

Essential Muslim Writer | I research, write, and create unique content that is specific to Halal product users |Article Writer | Copy Writer For Halal Food Brands.

Hi there! 
My name is Shakira, and I am a Muslim content writer. I have a passion for crafting engaging and thought-provoking content that speaks to Halal product buyers.