Are Five Guys Halal Or Haram? Can Muslims Eat It? Guide 2023

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Are Five Guys Halal Or Haram?
Are Five Guys Halal Or Haram?

Are Five Guys Halal: Burger enthusiasts are probably aware of Five Guys, an American fast-food business noted for its fresh, customized burgers and the large variety of toppings.

Despite Five Guys having a significant fan following, many people hesitate to sample its meals because they are still determining its halal certification.

What follows is a quick explanation of Are Five Guys Halal Or Haram? Stay tuned till the end to know all about it and its certification.

What Exactly Is Halal?

Before diving into the topic of Five Guys’ halal designation, it’s crucial to define halal. Halal is a term in Arabic that means “permissible.” It refers to everything permissible or legal under Islamic law. Halal signifies food that has been made and consumed following Islamic dietary regulations.

Alcohol and meat of animals that weren’t killed in Allah’s name are among the items that are prohibited by Islamic dietary restrictions, along with pig and its byproducts. Muslims must also avoid any meal containing substances originating from creatures that weren’t killed in conformity with Islamic law.

In simple terms, Halal is a phrase used to describe food that Muslims can eat. The antithesis of Halal is Haram; it signifies food that Muslims are not authorized to consume. So, is Five Guys Halal? 

Five Guys

Fast food restaurant chain Five Guys was founded in the US in 1986. Since then, it has grown to over 1,600 sites throughout the globe, including those in the Middle East, Canada, and the UK. The fast-food restaurant company is well-known for its burgers, fries, and shakes, and it has a devoted following of consumers who value its excellent ingredients and customized menu.

Are Five Guys Halal Or Haram?

Five Guys are Halal in part.

Five Guys need formal halal accreditation, which means it isn’t guaranteed to be halal. Some Five Guys locations, however, do sell halal meat, and this information is usually publicized on their websites or the menu.

  • According to Five Guys, its restaurants lack halal beef in the United Kingdom, the United States, and most other countries. The lone exemption is their Middle Eastern locations, where they only serve halal meat.
  • Furthermore, they stated on their main Twitter account, “Thanks for contacting out! We do not use halal beef. Five Guys do not utilize halal meat except in our Middle Eastern locations.”
  • So, how about the halal verdict? Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States do not recognize Five Guys as halal. In Muslim countries across the Middle East, Five Guys serve only entirely halal food.
  • It is crucial to remember that just because a Five Guys restaurant sells halal meat, it doesn’t always indicate that all other foods on the menu are also halal.
  • Some sauces and toppings, for example, may contain non-halal items like alcohol or meat. As a result, Muslims must verify the list of ingredients before ordering any meal products from Five Guys.

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Twitter Evidence That Five Guys Are Halal

Official website sources verified this on Tweet and the website itself.

Are Five Guys Halal

Is It Ok For Muslims To Consume Five Guys?

The answer to this issue depends on the opinions of individual Muslims and their level of commitment to Islamic dietary regulations. If they are sure that the meat provided is halal and have checked the ingredients before placing their order, some Muslims could feel at ease dining at Five Guys.

Even if Five Guys offers halal meat, some Muslims could decide not to dine there out of fear of contamination or additional non-halal substances in the dish. Finally, each Muslim must make a well-informed choice according to their views and degree of comfort.

Five Guys Offer Popular Halal Food Options

While the meat isn’t halal-certified in the US and other countries, it is acceptable. Five Guys offer a few options because they are vegetarian and do not use animal ingredients.

Here are a few vegan and halal menu options at Five Guys:

Sandwich with Veggies

At Five Guys, you can have a Veggie Sandwich, which comes with bread, onions, grilled green peppers, grilled mushrooms, and any of the vegan-friendly sauces, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles,


Five Guys’ fries are vegan-friendly and made with peanut butter because they include no animal ingredients. You may have their delectable hand-cut fries to go with your veggie sandwich.

Cajun Fries 

Five Guys also serve Cajun-style fries seasoned with spices such as paprika and garlic powder. These chips are also vegan and have a spicy edge to them.


Customers may enjoy complimentary peanuts while waiting for their Five Guys orders. Peanuts are a delicious halal-friendly snack.


Most cola is halal; Five Guys’ soda and beverage offerings are no exception. The original Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, and Fanta are all examples of Coca-Cola products. And remember the refreshing bottles of water!

Are Five Guys Halal In Dubai?

Are Five Guys Halal In Dubai
Are Five Guys Halal In Dubai?

Five men in Dubai are halal. In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, Five Guys serve only halal food!

They exclusively utilize halal-certified meat and do not offer pig, fat, or liquor on the premises.

As a result, it is critical that you do research and confirms with the unique Five Guys eatery you intend to visit to determine whether they provide halal meat.

Are Five Guys Halal In The UK?

Are Five Guys Halal In The UK
Are Five Guys Halal In The UK?

Five Guys is a renowned fast-food restaurant franchise with outlets around the United Kingdom. Burgers, hot dogs, chips, and milkshakes are famous at the eatery. One thing that Muslim clients frequently ask is if Five Guys are halal in the UK.

First and foremost, Five Guys in the United Kingdom lacks an official halal license. This indicates that a restaurant's meat cannot be guaranteed halal, and some of its components may not be safe for Muslim consumption. However, certain Five Guys restaurants in the United Kingdom may provide halal beef. 

This is because certain suppliers may supply halal-certified food, while certain Five Guys franchises may only utilize halal meat in their locations. It’s worth noting that this varies by region, and not all Five Guys locations in the UK provide halal meat.

If you are a Muslim client worried about Five Guys’ halal certification, you ought to call the nearby eatery directly to inquire about halal alternatives and any other dietary issues you may have. 

Fast-Food Alternatives That Are Halal

There are various fast-food franchises for Muslims searching for assured halal alternatives. Some common choices are:

  • The Halal Guys: This franchise was started in New York City in the 1990s and has now grown to over 90 sites throughout the globe. The halal-certified gyros are among its best-known offerings of falafel, hummus, chicken, and beef.
  • Shake Shack: With over 300 locations globally, this fast-food business provides halal-certified beef and chicken alternatives at specific locations.
  • KFC: While not all KFC outlets provide halal meat, some do. Muslims should visit the KFC website or call the nearest restaurant to see if there are any halal choices.


To sum up “Are Five Guys Halal”, although some of Five Guys’ locations do sell halal meat, the restaurant chain is not officially certified halal. Muslims who plan to dine at Five Guys should carefully examine the food selection and ingredient list to verify that they only order halal products.

Alternatively, some fast-food businesses provide halal-certified selections for Muslims who wish to avoid any potentially non-halal components. It is ultimately up to each Muslim to decide for themselves or not to dine at Five Guys depending on their personal beliefs and degree of comfort.

Are Five Guys Halal

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FAQs: Are Five Guys Halal

Are Five Guys Using Halal Meat?

The restaurant Five Guys don’t sell Halal meat.

Are Muslims Allowed To Eat At Five Guys?

Muslims can dine at Five Guys, depending on their convictions and practices.

Do Five Guys Offer A Halal Menu?

Five Guys need to offer a Halal menu.

Do Five Guys Serve Pork?

No, Five Guys don’t sell pork.

Do Five Guys Provide Alcoholic Beverages?

Some Five Guys locations may provide drinks that are alcoholic. Muslims who do not drink should check to discover if their local Five Guys sell alcohol.

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