Are Skittles Halal Or Haram? Everything You Need To Know [2023]

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Are Skittles Halal?
Are Skittles Halal?

Are Skittles halal? An additional question to consider when enjoying Skittle. These popular candies are tiny packages of bursting flavors that many of us know and love. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, halal means permitted or lawful according to Islamic law.

Skittles are owned by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a Mars Incorporated subsidiary. When it comes to Skittles, the company has not certified its products as halal or kosher leaving only vague assumptions.

However, we decided to finally jot down the necessary resources as ingredients and customer reviews to make an assessment. Let’s read about Are Skittles halal?

Are Skittles Halal?

As far as we researched there are no non-halal elements used in the manufacturing of Skittles. But we cannot declare it suitable for a halal diet unless we have confirmation from the food manufacturer.

Let Us Look At The Ingredient List

Skittles Candy Ingridents
Skittles Candy Ingredients

Skittles gain their unforgettable taste using these listed ingredients-

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated Palm kernel Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Dextrin
  • Modified Cornstarch
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • E120 (color)
  • Titanium dioxide (color)
ingredients of skittles

As you can see none of the ingredients used is haram (forbidden in Islam).

Do Skittles Contain Gelatine?

While the answer to this question may seem simple, it’s a bit more complicated than you might think. Skittles are produced by Mars Wrigley, and the company has stated that their Skittles do not contain gelatine.

Gelatine is a protein that is derived from animal collagen, and it is often used as a thickener or stabilizer in food products. While Skittles do not contain any pork-derived gelatine, they do contain beef-derived gelatine.

However, they have not been certified as halal by any official bodies. As a result, some Muslim groups have called for a boycott of the candy. In response to this pressure, Mars Wrigley has started to produce a halal-certified version of Skittles in some countries.

These halal Skittles are yet not currently available in all markets. So, while Skittles may not contain gelatine, they are not suitable for everyone.

Are Skittles Squishy Cloudz Halal?

are skittles squishy cloudz halal
Are Skittles Halal

Skittles, a popular candy brand, has recently come under fire with the release of its newest product – Squishy Cloudz. While they are certainly a delicious treat, many have asked if they’re halal.

Unfortunately, because it’s up to individuals or companies to determine what is considered halal, Skittles doesn’t provide any information on this front.

However, by doing some research and checking the ingredients list it is possible to reach your determination as to whether or not the product is halal for you.

The key thing to look for when deeming something halal is whether or not it contains any alcohol-based flavoring agents. If those can be ruled out then many people will consider the item halal.

With Squishy Cloudz coming from a company that is known for its non-alcoholic products and its simple ingredients list, chances are good that these candy treats can be enjoyed without fear of breaking any dietary restrictions!

Halal Skittles And Non-Halal Skittles

Halal Skittles:

  • The Halal Food Authority has approved the UK-produced Skittles, which are made by Mars Wrigley Confectionery using halal-compliant ingredients.
  • The halal-friendly Skittles brand doesn’t use any substances derived from animals and makes its products in accordance with Islamic law.
  • Halal gelatine is used in Halal Skittles.

Non-Halal Skittles:

  • The US version of Skittles is made with non-halal components such as pig gelatin and colors obtained from animals and is not halal-approved.
  • Due to the use of gelatin, which comes from non-halal sources, Skittles candy is not halal.
  • Since Skittles has not received official halal certification, some Muslim organizations have called for a boycott of the candy.
  • Products from Skittles are not halal-certified.

What Is E120? Does It Make Skittles Haram?

We are aware after seeing E120 you must have questioned yourself about it. Before you torment yourself any further let us answer this for you.

E120 is a red food coloring derived from cochineal insects. While many Muslims consider cochineal insects to be haram, or forbidden, others believe that they are permissible to eat.

As a result, there is no consensus on whether or not Skittles are halal. However, many Muslim scholars have ruled that Skittles are halal, as the insects are crushed and purified during the manufacturing process and are not recognizable in the final product.

Therefore, if you are looking for a delicious treat that is permissible according to Islamic law, skittles may be a good choice.

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Should Muslims Avoid Skittles?

Again, there is no consensus on the subject. However, some Muslims may choose to avoid Skittles due to their uncertain halal status or because they contain E120 derived from cochineal insects.

Ultimately, it is up to each Muslim to decide whether or not they are comfortable consuming Skittles.

Here are some reviews that we collected online through the verified page to help you frame your opinion-

questions of Are Skittles Halal?

Halal Alternatives For Skittles

Due to the uncertainty regarding Skittles, many people have called for an alternative product. Here is a list of all such crazy chewy candies that are also halal-certified.

  1. Starburst
  2. Mentos
  3. Airheads
  4. Warheads
  5. Haribo Gold-Bears
  6. Sour Patch Kids
  7. Swedish Fish
  8. Trolli Crawlers
  9. Big League
  10. Sour Skittles
Are Skittles Halal

FAQs: Are Skittles halal?

1. Are Skittles Haram In 2023?

Ans- As of now, we cannot confirm whether Skittles are halal or haram as the company has not certified its products as such. But it can be said they do not contain any animal derivative directly and can be consumed by a community of any faith.

2. Are Skittles Made With Gelatine?

Ans- The company has stated that their Skittles do not contain gelatine.

3. Are Skittles Halal In The USA?

Ans- Skittles are not certified as halal by any official bodies and some Muslim groups have called for a boycott of the candy. However, Mars Wrigley has started to produce a halal-certified version of Skittles in some countries which may not be available in the USA.

4. Are Skittles Made With E120?

Ans- Skittles contains E120. As there is no consensus on whether or not cochineal insects are permissible to eat, Muslims may choose to avoid Skittles.

5. Are Skittles Squishy Cloudz Halal?

Ans- No, Skittles Squishy Cloudz has not been certified as halal. It is best to check the ingredients list before consuming any product.

6. Are Tropical Skittles Halal?

Ans- Tropical Skittles have not been certified as halal by any official bodies. Tropical flavors include pineapple, banana berry, kiwi lime, mango tangelo, and strawberry starfruit. It is best to check the ingredients list before consuming any product.

Wrapping Up

So, Are Skittles Halal? The answer is not straightforward. However, if you’re looking for a brand of Skittles that is known to be certified halal by an Islamic authority, then Starburst may be a better choice.

If you still have questions about whether or not your favorite candy is halal, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask the manufacturer. They should be able to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Remember, there’s no harm in double-checking – especially when it comes to something as delicious as Skittles!

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