Facts Check Are Twizzlers Halal Or Haram In The US & Canada In 2023

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Are Twizzlers Halal

Are Twizzlers Halal? If you enjoy Twizzlers and adhere to a halal diet, you might be interested to learn if Twizzlers are halal. Muslims must make sure that the food they eat meets the rules for halal, which relate to foods and beverages that are accepted under Islamic law. As a result, a lot of individuals are looking for information on whether or not particular things are halal.

Yet figuring out whether Twizzlers are halal is not an easy matter. Twizzlers are manufactured by The Hershey Corporation in several nations, and the ingredients utilized in each location may vary. Despite Hershey’s being a well-known brand, it might be difficult to tell if a product is halal by just checking for a sign.

What are Twizzlers And Are Twizzlers Halal?

Twizzlers have been a popular candy brand for almost a century, with a long history dating back to 1929, when Y&S Candies first debuted in the United States. Twizzlers is now owned by The Hershey Corporation and has become one of the world’s most popular candy brands, recognized for its vibrant packaging and diverse range of flavors.

Twizzlers’ unusual texture distinguishes them from other candy brands. The candy is comprised of a soft, chewy, and somewhat waxy substance similar to licorice. The candy is made using corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, and flavorings to get this texture. The mixture is then extruded into long strands that are chopped into smaller pieces.

Twizzlers are indeed halal. These do not include any animal components, which are prevalent in comparable candy (i.e.: gelatin). Vegans may enjoy any Twizzlers flavor, whether it’s the famous strawberry flavor or the caramel apple twists. Twizzlers’ components are all plant-based and include no animal products.

The original strawberry flavor, which has become synonymous with the company, is perhaps the most famous and cherished Twizzler flavor. Twizzler has continued to develop and extend its flavor lineup over the years, but the original strawberry flavor remains a fan favorite among candy fans.

Are Twizzlers Halal In The USA?

are twizzlers halal in usa

Are Twizzlers halal in the USA? Establishing the Halal status of Twizzlers in the United States is a difficult undertaking. While some of their items may be Halal certified, others may fall short of the standard. 

As a result, before purchasing, it is critical to thoroughly study product labels and contact the manufacturer for further information on their Halal status.

It is also important to know that certain of the components used in the making of Twizzlers may not be Halal certified. 

Consequently, even though a product label claims that it is Halal, Are Twizzlers Halal? it is strongly encouraged to double-check with the maker before making a purchase. It is ultimately up to the individual’s conscience to choose if eating Twizzlers is compatible with their religious views.

Are Twizzlers Halal In Canada?

are twizzlers halal in canada

Are Twizzlers halal in Canada? Twizzlers have been certified as halal in Canada, which means they adhere to Islamic dietary regulations. 

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) certifies the product as halal, guaranteeing that all components used in its manufacturing comply with these dietary rules.

Are Twizzlers Halal? IFANCA’s stringent quality control techniques are used throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee the product fulfills halal certification criteria, including the absence of any pork or alcohol-based components.

Moreover, Twizzlers are certified as Kosher Pareve by the Orthodox Union (OU), indicating that the product contains no dairy or animal components. 

This accreditation gives further assurance that Twizzlers are suitable for anyone who follows a halal or Kosher diet.

More goods are getting approved to fulfill the unique dietary requirements of customers as the Canadian food sector advances. Twizzlers are halal and Kosher certified, making them a safe and compatible alternative for individuals adhering to these dietary rules.

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Halal Twizzlers Ingredients

Twizzlers are created using a few basic components, according to the maker. Here’s the complete list of ingredients in Twizzlers.

  • Corn Syrup
  • Enriched Wheat Flour
  • Sugar
  • Cornstarch
  • Palm Oil
  • Salt
  • Artificial Flavour
  • Glycerin
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Red 40
  • Mineral Oil
  • Soy Lecithin

As you can see, there are no animal components, and none of these items is haram, or forbidden under Islamic law.

There are no elements on the Twizzler ingredient list that cause concern. It demonstrates that Twizzlers are inherently vegetarian and halal-compliant.

Are Twizzlers Halal In India?

In India, determining the halal certification of Twizzlers might be difficult. While the Twizzlers’ components are usually regarded as halal, no Indian organizations or government have certified the product as such. Because of this lack of certification, the general condition of Twizzlers in India is unknown.

To guarantee that the Twizzlers consumed are halal, it is important to carefully read the product labels and look for halal certification. It is also critical to ensure that the product does not include any non-halal substances.

Although certified halal items are available in some Indian supermarkets, they may be more expensive than non-certified ones.


Finally, there is no simple solution to the question “Are Twizzlers Halal? in the United States and Canada?” While Twizzlers products in Canada are Halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and Kosher Pareve certified by the Orthodox Union (OU), Twizzlers in the United States vary depending on production region and ingredient source.

There are approved choices available in both nations for people following a Halal or Kosher diet, albeit these may be more expensive. Finally, while purchasing food, it is critical to consider ethical and religious convictions. This Complete Guide should have been beneficial for people looking to make educated judgments about Twizzlers while sticking to dietary rules.

FAQs: Are Twizzlers Halal

1. Is It OK To Eat Strawberry Twizzlers?

Yes! The original taste is entirely halal-compliant. Strawberry Twizzlers have no evident non-halal components.

2. Are Twizzlers Gummies Halal?

It’s a bit difficult. Twizzlers goods are produced with high-quality components such as sugar, corn syrup, wheat flour, modified food starch, and natural and artificial flavors.

3. Is It OK To Eat Twizzlers Pull N Peel?

The answer isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no.” The Hershey Corporation manufactures Twizzlers Pull N Peel candy, which has said that all of its products are prepared without pork-derived components and are thus appropriate for consumption according to halal dietary rules.

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