10 Best Halal Restaurant In Houston In 2023

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Halal Restaurant In Houston

Halal Restaurant In Houston, Have you been in the bustling of Houston and tired of finding halal restaurants? You just entered the gateway of the solution then. Get ready to check out the 10 best halal restaurants in Houston.

In addition to its thriving economy and rich culture, Houston, a vibrant and diverse city in Texas, is well-known for its delectable food scene. The city offers a wide variety of delectable options for food lovers who prefer Halal selections. 

Houston boasts a wide variety of Halal restaurants that offer food to suit all preferences, from mouthwatering South Asian cuisine to authentic Middle Eastern flavors. 

We’ll examine the top ten Halal eateries in Houston in this post, which guarantee to titillate your palate and leave you wanting more.

Find The 10 Best Halal Restaurant In Houston

There are many options for halal food in Houston’s booming halal restaurant scene. Houston is home to a large number of halal-certified eateries that serve a wide selection of foods, including Mediterranean, South Asian, and Middle Eastern fare.

While Houston does have a respectable range of Halal eateries, your ability to locate them will likely rely on the region you are in and your personal preferences. Halal Restaurant In Houston, There will probably be more easily available Halal options in areas with a higher number of Muslim residents. 

There is a substantial concentration of Halal eateries and supermarkets in places like Sugar Land and Hillcroft Avenue (often called the “Mahatma Gandhi District”).

Let’s check out the most trending and go-to halal restaurants in Houston:

1. Aga’s Restaurant & Catering

Aga's Restaurant & Catering

A Pakistani eatery called Aga’s is situated in the center of Houston. They specialize in serving you real Pakistani food and have a huge selection of halal biryani, kebabs, curries, and traditional sweets.

At Aga’s, Some Of The Most Well-Liked Dishes Are:

  • Goat Chops: Goat chops that have been grilled and are spiced with typical Pakistani flavors.
  • Chicken Lollipops: Grilled to perfection chicken drumettes seasoned in a hot sauce.
  • Bhindi Masala: Onions, tomatoes, and spices used to prepare okra.
  • Palak Paneer: Spinach cooked with homemade cheese cubes and spices.
  • Chicken Makhani: Grilled chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.

The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with friendly staff and prompt service. Aga’s is known for its flavorful and aromatic dishes, made with fresh ingredients and traditional Pakistani spices. Halal Restaurant In Houston, They also offer catering services for special events and occasions.

2. Phoenicia Specialty Foods

Phoenicia Specialty Foods

A restaurant and a Mediterranean grocery shop are combined to form Phoenicia. Shawarma, falafel, hummus, and various Middle Eastern salads are among the many halal meals on the restaurant’s extensive menu. 

There is a market-like setting with a lively, busy vibe. The cuisine of Phoenicia is renowned for its premium ingredients, seasonal production, and distinctive flavors. Halal Restaurant In Houston It’s a fantastic location for learning about and enjoying the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean area.

Freshly made artisan bread, European pastries, specialty wines and beers, premium meats and cheeses, fresh fish and meat, hot grille items, catering, prepared cuisine and more are all offered by Phoenicia Specialty Cuisine.

  • Downtown Location: 1001 Austin St, Houston, TX 77010
  • Westheimer Location: 12141 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077
  • Phone: (832) 360-2222
  • Website: Phoenicia Specialty Foods
  • Social Info:

3. Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet

 Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet

Popular Mediterranean buffet restaurant Dimassi’s provides a wide variety of halal foods. There are numerous salads, appetizers, grilled meats, vegetarian selections, and desserts on the buffet. 

Traditional Lebanese-Mediterranean dishes such as hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, falafel, shawarma, kebabs, and baklava are offered on the menu.

The restaurant offers a casual eating experience in a roomy, family-friendly environment. For its enormous quantities, tasty food, and flexibility in meeting dietary requirements, Dimassi’s is well-known. Halal Restaurant In Houston, For those seeking a variety of Mediterranean flavors all in one location, it’s a fantastic choice.

4. Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

Houston’s Fadi’s is a reputable Mediterranean eatery with a broad selection of halal food. With a range of choices such as shawarma, kebabs, hummus, salads, and vegetarian dishes, the restaurant places a priority on using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Since Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill has received a Halal certification, all of its meat and other food items are prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary regulations. To preserve the originality and quality of its meals, the restaurant only employs the freshest ingredients and adheres to strict preparation rules.

Halal Restaurant In Houston, Customers can choose the dishes they want at Fadi’s thanks to its self-serve design and relaxed ambiance. The eatery is renowned for its tasty food that is prepared using traditional Mediterranean techniques.

  • Address: 12360 Westheimer Rd Ste A, Houston, Texas, 77077, United States
  • Phone Number: (281) 920-3000
  • Website: Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill
  • Social Info:

5. Sayad Mediterranean Grill

Sayad Mediterranean Grill

Sayad is a Mediterranean eatery that takes pride in offering tasty and authentic halal food. There are several different foods on the menu, including shawarma, kebabs, falafel, hummus, and alternatives for fresh seafood. 

At Sayad Mediterranean Grill, these are some of the items that are frequently ordered:

  • Mixed Grill: a variety of grilled meats, including beef, lamb, and chicken, served with veggies and rice.
  • Hummus: a pita-butter-served dip composed of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic.
  • Chicken Tikka Platter: Rice and veggies are served with grilled chicken marinated in a mixture of spices.
  • Lentil Soup: a filling soup composed of veggies, lentils, and seasonings.
  • Falafel: a deep-fried chickpea ball eaten with pita bread, tahini sauce, and the condiment.
  • Mixed Seafood: a mixture of grilled fish, prawns, and calamari that is served with rice and veggies.

Sayad has a warm, inviting atmosphere, attentive employees, and a dedication to excellence. Halal Restaurant In Houston, The restaurant uses fresh, regional ingredients and makes everything from scratch to provide clients with a pleasant eating experience.

  • Address: 12225 Westheimer Rd Ste H, Houston, TX 77077-6062
  • Website: Sayad Mediterranean Grill
  • Phone Number: (281) 293-9090
  • Social Info:

6. Zara’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Zara's Mediterranean Kitchen

A family-run Mediterranean eatery called Zara’s serves a wide variety of halal food. Favorites including shawarma, kebabs, falafel, hummus, and a number of vegetarian options are available on the menu. 

Halal Restaurant In Houston, Zara takes pleasure in employing top-notch, fresh ingredients and a focus on classic Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant offers personal service and a dedication to customer pleasure in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

7. Las Brasas Charcoal Chicken

 Las Brasas Charcoal Chicken

Halal charcoal-grilled chicken is the specialty at the Brazilian eatery Las Brasas. Halal Restaurant In Houston, With tasty and succulent chicken grilled over an open flame, the restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience. 

A selection of Brazilian sides, salads, and desserts are also offered on the menu. With a focus on giving its patrons a taste of real Brazilian food, Las Brasas features a relaxed and energetic ambiance.

8. Halalwok


Chinese restaurant Halalwok offers halal food to those who follow the halal religion. Halal Restaurant In Houston, Numerous Chinese meals, including stir-fries, noodles, dumplings, and soups, are offered on the menu. 

To guarantee the authenticity and caliber of its meals, Halalwok only employs halal-certified products and adheres to strict preparation rules. The restaurant is focused on offering a halal Chinese eating experience and offers a relaxed, contemporary ambiance.

  • Address: 12148 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077
  • Phone Number: (281) 497-891
  • Social Info:

9. Tempura Halal

Tempura Halal

A variety of halal Japanese cuisine is available at the Japanese restaurant Tempura Halal. Halal Restaurant In Houston, The menu includes teriyaki, udon noodles, sushi, and other traditional Japanese dishes. 

All ingredients are halal-certified, and strict preparation procedures are followed, thanks to Tempura Halal. The eatery focuses on offering a Japanese dining experience that is halal-friendly and has a modern, welcoming ambiance.

  • Address: 10640 FM 1960 W, Houston, TX 77070
  • Website: Tempura Halal
  • Phone Number: (281) 890-6969
  • Social Info:

10. Kabob Korner

Kabob Korner

Pakistani eatery Kabob Korner is known for its tasty, traditional halal food. There are several different foods on the menu, including kebabs, biryani, curries, and traditional desserts from Pakistan. Halal Restaurant In Houston, The huge quantities, strong flavors, and use of traditional Pakistani spices make Kabob Korner famous. 

The restaurant’s personnel is helpful and dedicated to giving customers a memorable dining experience. It offers a relaxed and welcoming ambiance.

  • Address: 12039 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77066
  • Phone Number: (281) 880-0786
  • Website: Kabob Korner
  • Social info:

What Are The Halal Certification Requirements For Restaurants In Houston?

There are some fundamental rules that are frequently followed, even though the precise halal certification standards for restaurants in Houston may differ. The following criteria are essential for Houston halal certification:

  1. Halal Ingredients: All ingredients used in food preparation at establishments seeking halal certification must be halal. This means that the ingredients cannot contain any non-halal ingredients or additives and must be purchased from halal-certified vendors.
  2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Food products must be kept clean and free of any non-halal contamination throughout preparation, processing, packaging, and transportation. In order to retain the integrity of the halal certification, restaurants must uphold strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  3. Halal Food Handling: Halal food must be handled and stored separately from non-halal food according to established protocols in restaurants. To avoid cross-contamination, use distinct utensils, tools, and storage spaces.
  4. Halal Food Preparation: Restaurants must prepare halal cuisine according to strict regulations. The use of particular methods of meat slaughter, ensuring that all meat is acquired from halal-certified vendors, and avoiding the use of alcohol or any other non-halal substances in food preparation are a few examples of how to do this.
  5. Halal Certification: Restaurants in Houston must go through a certification procedure with a reputable halal certification authority in order to get halal certified. To ensure adherence to halal standards, this procedure normally entails a check of the restaurant’s facilities, ingredients, and food preparation procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Food Is Famous In Houston?

With a vast variety of cuisines and dishes, Houston is renowned for its vibrant and diversified food scene. Viet-Cajun crawfish, barbecue, breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles, tamales, and pho are just a few of the well-known dishes in Houston.

What Restaurants No Longer Exist In Houston?

Over the years, Houston has seen the emergence of numerous notable eateries, some of which are no longer open for business. Cafe Annie, Brennan’s of Houston, Tony Mandola’s Gulf Coast Kitchen, Feast, and Shade are a few of them.

What Halal Food Should I Try?

Many people like the variety and flavor of halal cuisine. Here are some suggestions for halal food you might like to try. Served in pita bread with vegetables and sauce, shawarma is a common Middle Eastern dish made with marinated meat (often chicken or beef) that is barbecued on a spit. 

Or you can always go for Biryani, A tasty rice dish with a distinctly South Asian flavor. Basmati rice, meat (usually chicken or lamb), and a mixture of flavorful spices are the common ingredients.


Halal Restaurant In Houston, Thus, this was all of the 10 best halal restaurants in Houston. Although it must be noted that this was just a sample of the city’s culinary delights, which are reflective of the city’s rich cultural landscape. 

Each restaurant offers a distinctive trip through the flavors of the world, with dishes ranging from Turkish kebabs to Indian thalis, Persian delights to Ethiopian stews. In order to find authentic and mouthwatering experiences in the heart of Texas, food fans must visit these Halal culinary places, whether they are locals or tourists.

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