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How Many Pages Are In The Quran

How Many Pages Are In The Quran? Quran, the holy book of Islam comes under the lengthiest books of history and do you know how many pages are in the Quran? Let’s find out today.

How Many Pages Are In The Quran

The Quran contains 604 pages in total. There are 6,236 ayats (sentences) and 114 surahs (chapters) in the Quran. Each of the 32 pages that make up a Juz’ has a different branch.

Islam’s holiest text, the Quran, is written in conventional Arabic. Depending on the size and formatting of the printed copy, the total number of pages may differ slightly. How Many Pages Are In The Quran? Which is divided into 114 chapters known as surahs, is venerated as the written word of God as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and is used as a manual by Muslims all over the world.

Its pages are filled with verses that cover a range of topics related to faith, morality, direction, and regulations that apply to believers. Muslims read, recite, and memorize the Quran to further their spiritual development and comprehend their religion. Let’s read more about “How Many Pages Are In The Quran”.

Length And Structure Of Pages In The Quran

Pages In The Quran

How Many Pages Are In The Quran: The Quran’s pages range in size and organization. Generally speaking, the pages are a regular size known as the “mus-haf” or “Mushaf.” Typically, the Mushaf is between 11 and 13 centimeters wide and between 17 and 19 centimeters tall. It’s crucial to remember that differences in size may occur because of various printing formats or editions.

The number of lines on each page of the Quran is normally maintained at 15, or sometimes 16. How Many Pages Are In The Quran? The third caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, who standardized the written form of the Quran during his reign, is commemorated by the moniker “Uthmani script,” which is a peculiar Arabic script used to write the script.

The chapters or surahs in which the verses of the Quran are arranged are known as ayahs, and each surah is further subdivided into individual verses. Each page can have a different amount of verses; some pages might have several verses, while others might just have one.

The Quran’s pages frequently have calligraphy and beautiful patterns, which further enhance the text’s aesthetic attractiveness. How Many Pages Are In The Quran? These ornamental components are frequently located at the start or finish of a surah or in the page margins.

The Significance Of The Quran In Islam

Islam places a great deal of importance on the Quran since Muslims look to it as their main source of instruction. 

Here are some significant factors emphasizing its significance:

1. Ultimate Divine Revelation 

Muslims hold that God (Allah) revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel and that it is the exact word of God (Allah). It is seen as a channel of direct revelation from Allah to humanity, containing instructions, knowledge, and laws for both people and societies.

2. The Source Of Spiritual And Moral Guidance

The entire code of morality and personal conduct is contained in the Quran. It covers a broad range of subjects, including religion, worship, ethics, social justice, the family, and personal growth. It offers Muslims guidance on how to live moral, fruitful lives in conformity with Allah’s will.

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3. Preservation Of The Original Ideologies And Messages

The Quran’s preservation is one of its amazing features. Muslims believe that the Quran’s revelation more than 1400 years ago, has been kept without any changes or distortions. Muslims can rely on this preservation to uphold the text’s integrity and authenticity, making it a trustworthy source of divine instruction.

How Many Pages Are In The English Quran

The Quran has undergone numerous English translations, each with its own styles, interpretations, and degrees of accuracy. The Noble Quran, The Clear Quran, and The Quran in Modern English are some of the most well-known Quran translations into English. 

The English translation of the Quran often ranges in size from 400 to 680 pages due to different publishing and translation methods. The Arabic original of the Quran has 604 pages.

Introductions to Surahs are sometimes included in translated Quran books, adding to their overall page count. Smaller or pocket-sized copies of the Noble Quran have fewer pages than 604 and begin with Surat Al-Fatihah and end with Surat Al-Nas.

How Many Verses Are In The Quran?

The most generally quoted total of the Quran is 6,236 verses (without Bismillah) and 6,348 verses (with Bismillah). It is significant to remember that each verse of the Quran is different in length. In the Quran, these verses are also known as Ayah.

Surahs are the Arabic names for the chapters that the verses of the Quran are divided into. Each Surah is further broken down into verses, or Ayahs. The 114 Surahs in the Quran range in length, and they are arranged in decreasing order of length. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, arranged the Quran in its current format with the guidance of God; it was not created by later generations.

The Quran’s “Ayat Al-Kursi” is regarded as its most potent verse. The opening chapter of the Quran, Surah Al-Fatiha, is regarded as its most important verse.

Explain The Importance Of Reciting The Quran By Muslims In Islam

How Many Pages Are In The Quran? Muslims in Islam place great importance on reciting the Quran. The Quran has a unique capacity for healing and has a beneficial impact on the physical and mental health of the body. 

Daily Quran recitation results in rewards from Allah and has additional advantages such as heart purification, the opportunity for forgiveness, and the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. 

The qualities the Quran emphasizes, such as patience, kindness, and caring for others, provide spiritual insight and guidance on how to live our lives. Muslims can learn more about the creation’s mysteries and the mysteries of their cosmos by reciting the Quran.


How Many Pages Are In The Quran? Overall, to conclude about how many pages are in the Quran it can be said that the length and layout of the Quran’s pages are intended to convey the holy book in an attractive and orderly manner, making it easier for Muslims around the world to read, recite, and study it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Finish The Quran In 30 Days?

Various doable measures can be taken to complete the Quran in 30 days. One method is to read 4 pages per day, or 20 pages per day, following each required prayer. Another strategy is to read 4 pages per day, 2 pages before, and 2 pages following each mandatory prayer.

2. How Many Sides Does The Quran Contain?

There are no sides in the Quran. The Quran has 114 chapters, often known as surahs. The verses or ayahs that make up the chapters each have a distinct meaning and aim. The chapters in the Quran are broken into verses, or ayats, just like the chapters in the Bible.

3. The Quran Is How Long?

The Quran’s length is a complicated matter, although it has 114 chapters, or Surahs, and more than 6,000 verses.

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