How To Give Sadaqah In Islam – Best Guide 2023

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How To Give Sadaqah In Islam

Sadaqah, or selfless almsgiving, is a significant Islamic principle. Learning how to give sadaqah in Islam teaches you the importance of valuing the resources that you are provided by Allah. Keep reading to know more.

Remember the hadith, “Sadaqah puts out sin as water puts out the fire” and free yourself from sins through charity or sadaqah. Distributing Sadaqah is a way for Muslims to express their gratitude to Allah and help those in need. 

Giving Sadaqah can bring countless blessings to the giver and the receiver alike. But a lot of people might not know how to offer Sadaqah properly.

There are various ways to give Sadaqah, including donating money to a worthy cause, feeding the poor, providing water to the needy, helping orphans, and taking care of widows. The greatest approach to doing Sadaqah is in any way you can, whether it is by smiling, showing kindness, or making a donation to a deserving organization. 

A sort of charity known as sadaqah jariyah provides long-term assistance to those in need and rewards the donor even after death. 

Other popular hadiths rewarding sadaqah as sunnat in Islam read as: 

“On the Day of the Resurrection, sadaqah will be the believer’s covering.”

“Allah will take away all blessings connected to greed, but He will increase the reward for doing good deeds because He hates the unthankful and the sinner.” 

Learn How To Give Sadaqah In Islam

In the following point, we have covered everything that you might need to know while giving Sadaqah for the first time in a while. 

1. Recognize The Various Forms Of Sadaqah.

In Islam, voluntary generosity, sadaqah, and zakat are the two main categories. Every eligible Muslim is required to contribute zakat on an annual basis. 
On the other hand, charitable giving that is voluntary is not only encouraged but also required. It may be given whenever and in any quantity. 

2. Select A Beneficiary For Your Sadaqah.

It’s crucial to pick a beneficiary who deserves your charity while making a sadaqah. Giving alms to the impoverished, destitute, or in debt is encouraged in Islam. Orphans, widows, and people who are stranded or in need of assistance are among other recommended Sadaqah recipients. 

3. Give With Sincere Goodwill.

It is necessary to have a genuine intention when making a sadaqah. The goal should be to seek Allah’s pleasure and serve Him alone. The goal shouldn’t be to brag or obtain advantages in the outside world. 

4. Give With A Heart Of Joy.

Islam advises that sadaqah be given with a joyful heart. This entails offering freely and without reservation. True trust and sincerity can be shown in the joyfulness with which one gives. 

5. Give In Private

It is advised to make a hidden Sadaqah. This entails refraining from bragging about your generosity or praising others for their deeds. Giving covertly might maximize your benefit while preventing self-promotion. 

6. Give Consistently

Even a tiny quantity of sadaqah is advised to be given on a regular basis in Islam. To develop a habit of giving and increase your reward, give frequently. 

7. Give In A Variety Of Ways

Sadaqah can be offered in a variety of ways, including cash, food, clothing, or even a kind word. Islam advises giving charity in a variety of ways and selecting the one that is most suitable for the receiver.

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Difference Between Zakat And Sadaqah

Now, that you know how to give Sadaqah in Islam, let’s know the difference between Zakat And Sadaqah. Muslims donate to charity in the form of zakat and sadaqah, however, they differ. Sadaqah is a voluntary act that is encouraged while Zakat is a required annual contribution paid to purify all wealth held above the Nisab threshold amount. 

Zakat is a fixed amount of monetary wealth, while Sadaqah can be any amount. Every Muslim must pay zakat, but sadaqah is optional. In Arabic, the word zakat denotes blessing, progress, and purification. 

Both merit Allah’s (SWT) approval and reward. It is important to note that Zakat and Sadaqah cannot be used interchangeably. 

In Islam, there are many different ways to do sadaqah, or charitable giving, which includes prayers, good actions, and financial contributions.

This not only strengthens your iman (faith) but also your bonds with other Muslims and the larger community.

How Much And Often Sadaqah Should Be Given?

How To Give Sadaqah In Islam

In Islam, the quantity and frequency of sadaqah are not predetermined. Sadaqah can be given by anybody for any amount. While submitting a sadaqah, you have the option of making a one-time donation or recurring contributions.

Known for his generosity, the Prophet Muhammad always exhorted his followers to lend a hand to others. Sadaqah can be provided in a variety of ways, including feeding the hungry, giving the impoverished access to water, supporting orphans, and caring for widows. 

Offering sadaqah should be done with only the best of intentions for Allah, and it is preferable to do it in secret. A specific kind of Sadaqah given during Ramadan is called Sadaqah al-Fitr, and its amount is determined by the price of food in the area. 

When to give Sadaqah?

Sadaqah can be offered day or night, throughout the year. Although it is not required by Islam, many people decide to offer sadaqah in response to illness or after having a bad dream.

Others decide to offer sadaqah during Ramadan since the benefits are significant. Sadaqah is an extra donation given out of kindness and cannot be used in place of zakat.

What is sadaqah in Islam? Watch to know about it.


So now that you know how to give sadaqah in Islam, don’t wait anymore and give your share of sadaqah to someone who needs it. Always keep in mind that the greatest method to perform Sadaqah is in any way you can, whether it be by smiling, showing kindness, or making a donation to a deserving organization. 

In accordance with Qur’an 2:274, it is preferable to give Sadaqah in private and it should not be accompanied by criticism of the recipient. Sadaqah must be performed with sincere regard for Allah and his kindness. One of the best types of Sadaqah, Sadaqah Jariyah has countless advantages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Dua Should You Say When Doing A Sadaqah?

In addition to making duas for Allah, the person you are offering sadaqah to, and in order to receive His blessings and draw nearer to Him (S.W.T. ), you can also use this time to speak kindly to them. 

2. Who Should Make The First Sadaqah?

Islam does not have a rule that specifies who must provide the first sadaqah. In Islam, doing a sadaqah is a highly advised deed and anyone can do it for whatever sum. 

3. What Constitutes A Minimal Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is a voluntary act of charity that can be offered in a variety of ways, including providing food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, aiding orphans, and caring for widows. Anyone can donate sadaqah for any amount.

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