How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? Is It Possible In 2023?

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How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year

How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? The Quran is extremely important to millions of Muslims around the world. Many sincere Muslims wish to memorize the entire Quran, the common question then is how to memorize Quran in 1 year. Is it even possible? Yes, it is! Stay back to know more. 

While for some, memorizing the Quran is a lifelong endeavor, others may set lofty targets, such as memorizing it in a year. In this essay, we look at the possibility of memorizing the Quran in a year and offer practical advice to help you get started on this wonderful path. 

Memorize Quran In An Year Without Trying Too Hard

memorize quran in one year

It is feasible to memorize the Quran in a year, but it takes drive, persistence, and a suitable plan. Here are some ideas: 

1. Set A Recurring Goal 

It is feasible to memorize the Quran in a year, but it takes drive, persistence, and a suitable plan. Here are some ideas: 

2. Begin Small

Begin with a tiny part, such as one page or one Ruku, and progressively expand your capacity for memorizing.

3. Revising The Previously Learned Lessons

Begin your Quran memory activity every day by reciting and repeating previous lessons.

4. Seek Guidance And Support 

Memorise with a Quran master to assist you correct your recitation.

5. Utilise Technology

Investigate various films and audio files that may appear on the internet and aid in memory. There are also various cell phone and computer applications with different levels that might help a newbie. 

6. Be patient.

Memorizing will become second nature once you acquire momentum. Even if you forget some of it, don’t give up. Everyone who memorizes the Quran forgets some of it during the first two years. 

7. Keep Revising 

The Past Portions Without Breaks On A Regular Schedule.
Reciting the Quran during Salah every day is the simplest way to refresh your memorization. 

8. Purify Your Intention

Ensure that your sole motivation for memorizing the Quran is to gain Allah’s pleasure. 

9. Examine the Hadiths

To obtain additional understanding and motivation, read the Hadiths.

10. Maintain Consistency

Memorizing the Quran in a year is not impossible; nonetheless, time management and consistency are required. 

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Memorizing Quran Is Easy If You Pre-Measure The Magnitude Of The Task

How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? Before getting into the intricacies, it’s necessary to understand the importance of memorizing the Quran.

The Quran is broken into 114 chapters called Surahs and contains around 6,236 verses. 

Each stanza, including the pronunciation, recitation guidelines, and perfect tone, must be memorized word for word. Such a massive task necessitates a great deal of dedication, discipline, and regular effort. 

Learn Quran With Realistic Expectations

While setting high goals is necessary, it is also critical to keep reasonable expectations before commencing the quest to memorize the Quran in one year. How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? Memorization abilities vary by person and are influenced by factors such as age, language competency, and learning style. 

Recognize that the time needed to accomplish this job will differ based on the individual. How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? Setting realistic goals based on your own ability is therefore critical for staying motivated throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Probable Period To Learn the Quran?

The time it takes to memorize the Quran, according to the search results, varies based on the individual’s dedication, time commitment, and prior knowledge of Tajweed and a few Surahs. If a person invests enough time and is familiar with Tajweed and a few Surahs of the Quran, it is possible to memorize the Quran in 3 to 6 months. 

2. Can I Become A Hafiz In A Year? What Should I Do About It?

Yes, you can be a hafiz in a year. Each month, memorize two and a half portions of the Quran.
Work with a Hafiz or another Quran teacher to make the process easier. On a regular basis, go over what you’ve learned.
Renew your intention while being disciplined and programmed.
Know Tajweed thoroughly and review it on a frequent basis.
Find the best Quran Hifz school or enroll in an online Quran class taught by a qualified Quran tutor. 

3. How Am I Going To Memorize The Quran In Two Years? With Appropriate Planning And Devotion, It Is Possible To Memorize The Quran In Two Years. Here Are Some Pointers:

Follow a two-year plan and attempt to complete more than 25 pages every month.
Use recorded Quran recitations to help yourself in improving your pronunciation along the reading.
Try learning two full sections of the Quran on a daily routine, one after Fajr time and one after ‘Asr or Maghrib. 


How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year? Hope you were able to learn how to learn Quran in 1 year. If it seems tough for you it is advisable to join a Quran memorizing club or enroll in a Quran memorization course to find friendship and support from like-minded people.

Collaboration with others on the same path allows for reciprocal motivation, accountability, and support. 

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