Is Bread Talk Halal Or Haram? Unheard Facts In 2023

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Is Bread Talk Halal Or Haram
Is Bread Talk Halal

Is Bread Talk Halal? Are you a Muslim customer trying to determine whether BreadTalk fits your halal dietary requirements?  Learn if the well-known bakery brand BreadTalk is halal or haram. Make an informed choice about whether to indulge in its delicious offers by investigating the important elements affecting its conformity with Islamic dietary regulations.

Is Bread Talk Halal?

BreadTalk is not halal-certified, to put it bluntly. Is Bread Talk Halal? The organization still requires halal certification from the appropriate agencies, such as Muis in Singapore. Therefore, consuming BreadTalk products is prohibited for Muslims. However, JAKIM in Malaysia has granted BreadTalk halal certification.

According to the BreadTalk official page, they have reached more than 15 markets, including China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia, and they may or may not be serving food that has been certified halal. By learning more about the ingredients and cooking methods, this ambiguity can be dispelled. It can be asserted with confidence that a dish is perfectly halal if it contains neither meat nor alcohol, but it is not necessarily halal if it contains chicken or beef.

BreadTalk Overview: Is It Halal Certifed?

Is Bread Talk Halal? An international firm with its Paya Lebar, Singapore, headquarters is called BreadTalk. In 2000, it was established in Singapore as a bakery brand, with the opening of its first location in Bugis Junction.

Except for its locations in Malaysia1, BreadTalk does not possess halal certification. Is Bread Talk Halal? Singapore’s BreadTalk locations lack a halal certification. Therefore, with the exception of its shops in Malaysia, it is forbidden for Muslims to consume BreadTalk goods in Singapore. It is advised to inquire about the status of the halal certification with the specific BreadTalk outlet.

Without additional preservatives, BreadTalk sells dry cakes, bread, toast, and buns. 

A few of the most distinctive bun flavors available at BreadTalk:

  • Kaya Marble: A butter and kaya (coconut jam) marble swirl on a pillow-soft sweet pandan bun.
  • Peanut QQ: A soft bun filled with crushed peanuts and a QQ (chewy) texture, like Singapore’s beloved peanut pancake.
  • Tomyum Flosss and Wasabi Flosss: The Flosss bun, a soft bun filled with pork floss and topped with mayonnaise and dried seaweed, is BreadTalk’s signature item and features hot and spicy flavors.
  • Rabbit and Pineapple buns: Fun bread alternatives, ideal for the holiday season, include pineapple and bunny shapes.
  • Mt Kaya Swirl: handmade Hainanese kaya (coconut jam) within a dome-shaped bun.
  • Kopi-O: a delicious coffee-flavored bun with coffee powder on top.

Over 50 different types of freshly made buns are available at BreadTalk, and each one is a unique work of beauty.

What Are The Common Menu Of BreadTalk?

BreadTalk Menu
Is Bread Talk Halal

Some common menu items of BreadTalk:


BreadTalk provides a range of drinks, including fruit juices, coffee, and tea.


Kaya, peanut butter, and cheese are just a few of the flavors available on BreadTalk’s toasts, which are made using freshly baked bread.


A variety of cakes are available at BreadTalk, including personalized cakes, bargain packages, and well-known cakes like Matcha No Keki, Mangococo, and Dark Forest Gateau.


There are several freshly baked bun options available at BreadTalk, including savory and sweet varieties like Organic Spicy Chicken Floss, Parmesan Sausage, Pillow Raisin, Pineapple Cheezymada, and Premium Chicken Floss.


There are many different pastries available at BreadTalk, such as croissants, danishes, and muffins.


There are a variety of snacks available on BreadTalk, including cookies, brownies, and egg tarts.

What Are The Halal-Certified Alternatives For BreadTalk?

There are several halal-certified bakeries in Malaysia. Here are some examples:

  • Kuala Lumpur’s Souka Bakeshop is a Muslim-run business that sells a range of bread, pastries, and cakes.
  • The Bread Shop is a Kuala Lumpur-based halal-certified bakery that sells a variety of breads and pastries.
  • A croisserie is a bakery in Kuala Lumpur with halal certification that sells a range of French bread and pastries.
  • A range of cakes and pastries are available at Cake Jalan Tiung, a Kuala Lumpur bakery that is halal-certified.
  • Cat & the Fiddle is halal-certified and sells a range of high-quality cheesecakes.
  • Secret Recipe is a chain of Malaysian restaurants with halal certification that serves a selection of desserts and pastries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BreadTalk Have Pork?

Pork floss buns are available on BreadTalk’s menu. In Asian cuisine, pork floss, a dried meat product resembling jerky, is frequently used as a garnish or filling for bread and pastries.

Is BreadTalk Floss Bun Pork Or Chicken?

Both chicken and pig floss buns are offered at BreadTalk. Chicken floss buns are also offered at BreadTalk, but pork floss buns are the most popular. Therefore, it is advised to inquire about the menu items and ingredients at the specific BreadTalk location.

Is BreadTalk Halal In Malaysia?

Yes, BreadTalk conforms to the strictest halal preparation guidelines for all of its ingredients and has been granted halal certification by JAKIM in Malaysia. But BreadTalk locations there are not halal-certified.


Is Bread Talk Halal? To conclude about whether is BreadTalk halal or haram it can be said that in the absence of explicit halal certification, Muslim consumers often resort to conducting their own research, seeking guidance from knowledgeable individuals, and relying on their personal judgment. 

Some individuals may opt to avoid establishments like BreadTalk altogether. In contrast, others may choose to consume items that are likely to be halal based on the listed ingredients and their understanding of Islamic dietary requirements.

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