Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram? Everything You Should Know

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Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram?
Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram

Are you wondering whether is bubble tea halal or haram? Here’s how you can tell if bubble tea is not halal and what to look out for.

Bubble tea, also known as boba or pearl milk tea, has quickly become one of the most popular drinks around the world. The creamy beverage has a distinct flavor and texture that make it hard to resist. But an important question of its halal status still remains.

Keep reading this blog post to learn everything related to bubble tea and its permissibility in Islam. 

Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram?

The answer to this question largely depends on the ingredients used to make the drink. Most of the ingredients used in bubble tea are naturally halal, such as tapioca pearls, various kinds of milk, and other non-dairy milk, fruit juices, and tea leaves. However, it is not always easy to tell if a particular bubble tea contains haram (forbidden) ingredients.

In Islam, anything that contains forbidden elements in a food item is out of bounds for human consumption. So, when it comes to bubble tea, ingredients are the key factor to decide upon.

Through Surah Baqarah, Allah stated his preferences for allowed food.

“Surely He has prohibited for you only carrion (i.e. dead meat) and blood and the flesh of swine, and whatever has been acclaimed to other than Allah…surely Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.”

(Quran 2:173) 

List Of Halal Ingredients In Bubble Tea.

Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram?

1. Tapioca Pearls

These are naturally halal and bubble tea staples.

2. Milk

Most bubble teas use cow’s milk, but you can opt for non-dairy options such as almond or coconut milk for a vegan bubble tea.

3. Honey

A naturally sweet and halal ingredient often used to sweeten bubble tea drinks.

4. Tea Leaves

Black, green, or oolong tea leaves are all natural and halal ingredients used to make bubble tea.

5. Fruit Juice

You can also use fresh fruit juice such as mango, lychee, and passionfruit to flavor bubble tea.

6. Syrups

You can find bubble tea syrups made from halal ingredients such as sugar, honey, and other natural flavorings like coconut and vanilla that are safe for consumption.

7. Jellies

Boba or tapioca pearls come in different forms, including jellies. Look for bubble tea jellies made from halal ingredients such as sugar, water, and natural coloring.

If you’re unsure about any of the ingredients listed, it’s best to contact the bubble tea shop and ask them directly. As a general rule, always opt for bubble tea that’s made with only natural ingredients like fruits and sweeteners.

What Are Bubbles In Bubble Tea Made Of?

Tapioca pearls are the basis for bubble tea. They’re made from a starch-based ingredient called tapioca, which is derived from cassava root. Tapioca pearls are usually boiled and then coated with brown sugar syrup to give bubble tea its signature flavor and texture.

So, Are these Bubbles Halal?

The answer is yes, these bubbles are halal as it’s made with natural ingredients and do not contain any forbidden (haram) elements.

What Ingredients Make Bubble Tea Haram?

If bubble tea is made with any ingredients that are forbidden in Islam, then it would be considered haram. The most common haram ingredients in bubble tea may include

  • Artificial flavors
  • Food coloring
  • Animal-based products.

Do Bubble Tea Bubbles Have Gelatin?

No, bubble tea is not made with gelatin. Tapioca pearls are naturally vegan, and bubble tea does not contain any animal-based ingredients.

Gelatin is typically derived from animal sources and is not allowed in halal foods. Therefore, if you’re buying store-bought bubble teas, it’s important to check the label for gelatin before drinking it. Additionally, some pre-packaged teas may contain food coloring which may be derived from animal sources as well.

Therefore, it is always best to double-check labels before consuming any packaged products.

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How to Check If My Bubble Tea Is Halal Not Haram?

Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram: It’s important to note that bubble teas made at local cafes and restaurants may contain haram ingredients – even those not listed on their menu boards or ingredient lists!

This is because many cafe owners use pre-made syrups or powders containing additives like preservatives or food coloring in order to give their drinks a specific look or taste. Therefore, if you’re unsure about what goes into your bubble tea when ordering from a cafe or restaurant – it’s always best to ask first! 

Fortunately, there are ways you can tell whether a certain type of bubble tea is halal or not without having to ask too many questions! One way is by looking at where it was purchased chain stores like Starbucks often have standardized recipes that do not contain haram ingredients so you can safely assume that these types of bubble teas are halal-certified and safe for consumption. Is Bubble Tea Halal Or Haram

On the other hand, drinks made at independent stores might use different recipes and could potentially include haram ingredients so it’s best to ask directly before ordering them just in case.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Taro Bubble Tea Halal?

Yes, as long as it is made with halal ingredients. Taro bubble tea typically includes natural flavoring such as taro powder, milk or non-dairy alternatives, and tapioca pearls.

Q2. Does Boba Contain Alcohol?

No, bubble tea does not contain any alcohol in it.

Q3. Is Bubble Tea Made With Dairy?

It depends on which type of bubble tea is being served. Some bubble teas can be made with dairy or non-dairy milk/alternatives.


We hope everything laid out in this blog post was enough to answer is bubble tea halal or haram.

Ultimately, having a cup of bubble tea doesn’t need to be complicated when following a Muslim diet.

By verifying each component separately prior to ordering – including confirming that no animal by-products were used in its preparation – you can rest assured knowing that your beverage is indeed halal.

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