Is Calamari Halal Or Haram? All You Need To Know In 2023

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Is Calamari Halal Or Haram
Is Calamari Halal

Is Calamari Halal? A famous squid dish has prompted a discussion among Muslims about whether is calamari halal or haram. 

Understanding the subtleties of halal and haram is critical because dietary considerations are an integral aspect of Islamic practices. In this essay, we will investigate the debate surrounding the consumption of calamari or other seafood in Islam, looking at many points of view to give light on the subject.

Calamari is a type of seafood made from squid. Here are the important elements to consider before declaring anything halal or haram:

  • Calamari is considered makrooh (disliked) by Hanafi and haram (forbidden) by Shia.
  • Calamari is considered halal by the vast majority of academics.
  • Calamari is halal since it lacks scales, according to HalalWisdom.
  • Some scholars, however, do not believe calamari to be halal. Other schools of thought, like the Hanafi school, hold that prawns and other shellfish, including calamari, are not halal.
  • Apart from fish, numerous additional sea species are declared halal by the Shafi’ee school. As a result, eating calamari would be considered halal for a Shafi’ee.
  • Squid ink is deemed najis (unclean) and so forbidden under Islamic religious law.

Is Calamari Halal

Most Islamic scholars regard calamari to be halal, with the exception of some Hanafi scholars who consider it makrooh or haram.

What Makes Calamari Halal

The majority of Islamic scholars regard calamari to be halal for the following reasons:

  • Most jurists consider that eating all types of aquatic animals, including calamari, is permissible under Islamic law.
  • Unless it is dangerous, poisonous, or tortured, seafood is generally considered halal.
  • According to the Sunni (Shafi, Maliki, and Hanbali) schools of law, all shellfish, including calamari, is halal and permitted to eat.
  • Calamari is not haram in Shia teachings, and there is no reason to believe it is haram other than the lack of scales.
  • According to some Hanafi scholars, calamari is linguistically classified as a type of fish and so allowed to consume.

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Is Squid Halal?

Is Squid Halal

The halal status of squid is a point of contention among several Islamic sects. The following are the key points for you to know:

  • Except for a few exceptions, all sea animals, including squid, are halal according to the Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali schools of thought.
  • The squid is zabiha, which indicates it was murdered correctly.
  • Squid is declared haram by the Hanafi school of thought since it is not considered a fish.
  • Squid ink is deemed najis (unclean) and so forbidden under Islamic religious law.
  • There is no direct restriction against eating squid in the Quran or hadith.

What Are Different Sects And Their Thoughts Regarding Halal Status Of Calamari?

There are various Islamic sects, and their perspectives on calamari differ. Based on the search results, below is a breakdown of the various sects and their perspectives on calamari:

  • Calamari is halal, according to the majority of experts.
  • Calamari is considered makrooh (disliked) or haram (forbidden) by the Hanafi sect.
  • The Shafi’ee sect considers calamari to be halal, and in addition to fish, this sect considers numerous other sea creatures to be halal.
  • Calamari is considered halal by the Shia religion.

Finally, different Islamic sects hold varied perspectives on the permissibility of eating calamari. While the majority of scholars see it as halal, the Hanafi sect regards it as undesirable or banned. It is recommended that individuals seek assistance on this topic from their religious authorities or sect scholars.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Seafood Is Forbidden To Muslims?

There are no direct restrictions against eating seafood in the Quran or Sunnah. In fact, the Quran praises fish for being fresh, tender, healthy, and juicy.

2. Is Calamari A Type Of Meat Or A Type Of Fish?

Is Calamari Halal? Calamari is squid meat that is fished from oceans all over the world. Because squid is not considered a fish in Islam, eating calamari is not considered halal for those who follow the Hanafi School.

3. Is It Permissible To Eat Prawns In Islam?

Prawns are a form of sea animal and a type of fish, hence eating them is permissible according to the majority of Islamic jurists and scholars.


Is Calamari Halal? As you proceed to make a decision regarding whether calamari halal or haram you should know that because the Islamic tradition supports a peaceful exchange of ideas and recognizes the diversity of viewpoints, it is critical to engage in open discourse while respecting opposing viewpoints.

Is Calamari Halal? Finally, each person’s journey toward comprehending halal and haram is unique, and seeking knowledge and guidance is essential.

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