Is Cheddar Cheese Halal Or Haram? Insights You Need In 2023

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Is Cheddar Cheese Halal Or Haram

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? Cheddar cheese has been a mainstay in many people’s diets all around the world because of its robust flavor and adaptability. For people who adhere to halal dietary principles, questions such as is cheddar cheese halal, frequently arise.

Cheddar cheese is regarded as forbidden by Islamic clerics and many adherents because there is a possibility of animal contamination. There is widespread agreement that some cheddar cheese, especially the older types, includes animal rennet, which is not halal.

Cheddar cheese, however, can be halal if the materials used to make it are. The kosher medium cheddar cheese from Tillamook and Cabot Creamery is one of the cheddar cheeses that is halal.

In this article, we examine the controversy regarding cheddar cheese’s halal certification and the elements that affect how it is categorized under Islamic dietary requirements.

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal Or Haram?

The components needed to make cheddar cheese determine whether it is halal or haram. Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? Following are some salient details:

If cheddar cheese is prepared with components that adhere to Islamic dietary regulations, it might be regarded as halal. According to Darul Ifta Birmingham, the ingredients needed to produce cheddar cheese will determine whether it is halal or haram. Cheddar cheese is halal if all of the components needed to make it are halal.

Cheddar cheese is prohibited because there is a possibility of animal contamination. Even while non-halal slaughter is not a problem, you probably aren’t aware of what other animals are killed there.

Why Is Animal Rennet Not Halal? What Is Animal Rennet?

An enzyme called animal rennet is used to coagulate milk and divide it into curds and whey during the cheese-making process. It is extracted from young mammals’ stomach linings, such as those of calves, lambs, and goats. 

Following are some essential details regarding animal rennet and its halal status:

What Is Animal Rennet?

Animal Rennet

An enzyme called animal rennet is used to coagulate milk and divide it into curds and whey during the cheese-making process.

Why Is Animal Rennet Not Halal?

According to Islamic law, rennet is pure (tahir) and can be declared halal if it is obtained from an animal that has been killed in accordance with Shari’ah. However, the animal’s rennet is not halal if it was not killed in accordance with Shari’ah.

Halal cheese is produced using animal rennet that is not derived from pigs. When its source is unclear, it is preferable to avoid it whenever it is practical to do so. Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? If nothing unclean has been added, vegetarian or synthetic rennet will be halal. Animal rennet, however, is not halal if the animal was not put to death in accordance with Islamic law.

What Makes Halal-Certified Cheddar Cheese Fit For Muslims?

Cheddar cheese’s production process, including ingredient procurement, processing, and facility hygiene, is evaluated as part of the halal certification process. 

For cheese and dairy products, the American Halal Foundation offers halal certification. The entire production process, including the sourcing of ingredients, processing, and facility hygiene, is assessed by certifying agencies. Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? Customers may be confident that they are promoting the halal sector and encouraging producers that want to cater to halal consumers by buying cheese products that are halal-certified.

Through certification, producers can have their complete manufacturing process, including ingredient sourcing, processing, and facility hygiene, evaluated by certifying authorities.

The authorities typically enable producers who don't use alcohol-based components while producing cheese, candy, or other foods to receive halal certification. With the halal stamp of certification, you can be sure that a reliable Islamic organization has approved the product as halal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Certain Cheddar Cheese Prohibited?

Some cheddar cheese, especially the traditional types, includes animal rennet, which is not halal. Therefore, because it contains animal rennet, some cheddar cheese is forbidden.

All Cheeses Are Halal?

As long as the cheese does not contain any elements from non-halal animals, Muslims are permitted to consume it. Therefore, if certain cheeses contain non-halal animal-derived ingredients, they may not be halal.

The Cheese Cheddar Is Vegetarian.

In order to assist the cheese to curdle, many kinds of cheese contain rennet. Typically, young animals’ fourth stomachs provide this enzyme. Consequently, not every cheese is suitable for vegetarians. Vegetarians can ask the manufacturer whether the enzymes are from animals if they want to know. 
Cheeses manufactured with microbial enzymes, which are derived from bacteria and fungi without the usage of animal cells, are among those that vegetarians can consume.


Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? In conclusion, to answer is cheddar cheese halal ensuring that the manufacturing procedure complies with halal rules is a requirement for cheddar cheese to be called halal. 

The halal certification confirms that the cheese product was produced in accordance with halal guidelines and with halal ingredients and that the manufacturing process was carried out using clean, non-halal-free equipment. With the manufacturer, standard production and quality procedures are established as part of the certification process, and compliance is then checked periodically with a surprise inspection.

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