Is Chicken Halal Or Haram? Best Information In 2023

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Have been eating chicken forever without questioning if Is Chicken Halal? Now is the time you let your curious mind have no doubts. Today’s article shall help you answer all the questions regarding chicken and its meat.

Is Chicken Halal

Is Chicken Halal Or Haram?

To answer simply, Yes, chicken that has been grown and killed in accordance with Islamic law can be considered halal. Halal meat must come from an authorized animal and have undergone a specific process of slaughter. To kill a halal animal is referred to as “zabihah,” and there are guidelines to follow. 

For example, to achieve a humane slaughter, the animal must be cut at the throat and Allah’s (God’s) name must be said while the killing is being done. It is necessary to hang the animal upside-down and let it bleed to death without knocking it out. A Muslim or a person of the Book (a Christian or a Jew) must adhere to these rules. But not all chickens are created equal.

In this article, we discuss Is Chicken Halal and how religious dietary restrictions have a big impact on the food decisions we make in today’s diverse culture. The Arabic word halal, which means “permissible,” designates foods and beverages that have been prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws

Whether chicken is regarded as halal is one frequent query. We shall go into the subject and investigate the elements that affect whether the chicken is considered halal in this article.

What Makes Chicken Halal Or Haram?

Specific rules must be followed in order for animal products to be regarded as halal. These guidelines consist of:

1. Butcher By A Muslim

The animal must be butchered by a practicing Muslim who is of sound mind and has reached adulthood. The act of slaughter entails chanting the name of Allah (God) and cutting the animal’s jugular veins, windpipe, and arteries all at once.

2. Avoiding Inhumane Behaviour

Throughout the animal’s existence and while being killed, it should be accorded respect and compassion. Any kind of needless agony or anguish is strictly forbidden.

3. Absence Of Forbidden Elements

Before being butchered, the animal shouldn’t be dead (carrion). In the name of any other god save Allah, it shouldn’t have been slain. Islamic dietary traditions forbid eating blood, so the carcass should also be drained of any blood.

There are, however, certain factors to keep in mind for a chicken to be haram. The Holy Quran makes it very plain that it is forbidden (Haram) to consume animals that were not put to death through legal and proper slaughter. 

“Is Chicken Halal: The chicken will always be considered halal, even if the entire head is removed, according to the assertion that it is never haram. Nevertheless, while this action is Makruh, it does not make the meat haram.

There are also two academic opinions on whether it is permissible to consume chicken that has been given hormones or ground meat. One opinion holds that doing so violates Islamic law since the chicken was fed impure food, which affects the flavor of the flesh. 

Halal chicken, on the other hand, is poultry that has been grown and killed by Islamic law. Halal meat must come from an authorized animal and have undergone a specific process of slaughter. Halal chicken is prepared under the supervision of a Muslim cleric to ensure that all requirements are met.

What Are Some Well-Liked Middle Eastern Meat Alternatives To Chicken That Are Halal?

Halal-certified beef, lamb, and goat are some common Middle Eastern meat substitutes for chicken. These meats are frequently used in dishes like lamb tagine, a Moroccan spicy stew, kibbeh, bulgur, and meat pie.

In Middle Eastern cooking, plant-based alternatives like particularly firm tofu or tempeh strips can also be used in place of chicken. Furthermore, there are other meatless dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine, including falafel, hummus, and roasted vegetables like cauliflower and artichokes.

If you want to know more about this topic, check out the video below:

Is Chicken Halal

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is chicken always halal?

No, chicken is not always halal, however, chicken can be halal if it was bred and killed under Islamic law.

The main prerequisite for meat to be referred to as halal is that it must come from an acceptable animal that has been killed using a specific technique. Halal chicken is chicken that has been bred and slaughtered under Islamic law.

2. What qualifies as halal chicken?

Halal meat must come from an authorized animal and have undergone a specific process of slaughter. Under halal regulations, it is preferred that poultry be manually butchered. The animal must be butchered with a sharp knife in a single motion without lifting the blade.

Is chicken at KFC truly halal?

The chicken provided at KFC restaurants in the USA is not halal. While certain KFC stores abroad, like those in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the UAE, do serve halal chicken, this is not the situation in the United States.

Although some Muslim-owned KFC franchises do sell halal chicken, KFC forbids them from claiming this on any of their marketing materials.


So, we can finally conclude, Is Chicken Halal, that it can be halal if it is killed according to Islamic laws, handled gently and compassionately, and is devoid of any prohibited substances.

Chicken that has received a halal certification can be consumed with assurance by Muslims who follow the halal dietary guidelines since they know that it complies with all standards.

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