Is Dishoom Halal Or Haram? Can I Eat At Dishoom? Best Guide 2023

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Is Dishoom Halal Or Haram?

Is Dishoom Halal: Dishoon is one of several well-known restaurant chains that save its secure area, but is Dishoom halal? Dishoom has attracted a lot of attention. The restaurant is well-known for its unique atmosphere and delicious Indian food.

The issue of whether Dishoom serves halal food, however, is crucial for many Muslim clients. We will examine “Is Dishoom Halal” in this article.

Is Dishoom Halal Or Haram?

Let’s read about “Is Dishoom Halal?” Dishoom is indeed halal. Their halal all-day menu features chicken and lamb that is sourced from approved vendors and is stunned humanely before slaughter. Nevertheless, they only offer halal food after noon and they also offer non-halal food for breakfast. 

Dishoom is a halal-certified restaurant, which implies that every dish served there is made in accordance with Islamic dietary regulations. This indicates that every component used in the dishes is halal, and the kitchen staff adheres to strict protocols to prevent cross-contamination with non-halal materials.

It’s critical to comprehend what halal refers to. In Arabic, the term “halal” implies “permissible” or “lawful.” Food that has been prepared in line with Islamic dietary laws is referred to as halal.

Food must fulfill specific requirements, such as being produced using halal ingredients and avoiding any contamination with non-halal elements, in order to be classified as halal. So, now you know “Is Dishoom Halal“.

Is It Safe For Them To Eat?

Muslims can eat at Dishoom with confidence. Dishoom has both a halal and non-halal breakfast menu, making it half halal. The chicken and lamb on their menu are halal and came from vendors who had received halal certification.

However, they offer non-halal foods like pork, sausages, and alcohol. Muslims should stay away from Dishoom since their breakfast menu, which is served before 12 pm, expressly contains pork.

The Halal Food Authority, a company with headquarters in the UK that accredits food establishments and goods as halal, has granted Dishoom its halal accreditation.

The restaurant follows the essential procedures for preparing and cooking halal food, and the Halal Food Authority makes sure that all of the food served at Dishoom complies with stringent halal food regulations.

Not all Indian restaurants are halal-certified, it should be noted. Some restaurants might serve food that is haram (forbidden) to Muslims because it contains non-halal meat or other ingredients. Therefore, it’s crucial to confirm that a restaurant is halal-certified before eating there.

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Vegetarian Options At Dishoom

Vegetarian Options At Dishoom

On its menu, Dishoom has a wide selection of vegetarian choices. Khichia & Chundo, Vegetable Samosas, Okra Fries, Dishoom House Chaat, Pau Bhaji, Gunpowder Potatoes, and Chaap Pineapple Tikka are a few of the vegetarian alternatives. 

They also provide a vegan menu that includes items like fresh seasonal fruit with creamy coconut yogurt on top, homemade granola, organic porridge oats, and porridge prepared with whole grains. Halal Alternatives For Dishoom

There are several Indian eateries that serve halal meals if you’re looking for Dishoom substitutes. 

Tayyabs, Lahore Kebab House, and Aladin Brick Lane are a few of the well-known halal Indian eateries in London. These eateries are renowned for their authentic and delectable cuisine and provide a variety of halal dishes, including vegetarian ones.

You can look up other halal Indian restaurants in London online or by asking friends and family who have previously eaten at halal establishments for recommendations.

FAQs: Is Dishoom Halal

1. Do You Offer Halal Meat At Dishoom?

Yes, Halal meat is available on Dishoom’s menu. Their all-day menu is halal, and the chicken and lamb are purchased from reputable halal vendors who humanely stun the animals before slaughter. On their menu, however, they offer non-halal foods like pork, sausages, and alcohol.

2. What Brands Are Halal In India?

There are various halal food companies and brands in the global halal food market, including QL Foods Sdn Bhd, Al Islami Foods Corporation, Dagang Halal Group, Saffron Road, and Kawan Food Berhad.

3. Is Anything Halal On Zomato?

On Zomato, users can perform a search for halal restaurants and filter the results to only display halal eateries. However, the ‘Halal’ meat controversy caused Zomato to draw criticism. Some users claimed that by offering the ‘Halal’ option, Zomato is associating religion with food. 


So now that you about is Dishoom halal, Dishoom serves halal food that complies with all regulations, so you can eat there with confidence. Dishoom’s dedication to providing its customers with top-notch halal food is demonstrated by the Halal Food Authority’s halal certification of the company. 

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