Is Jollibee Halal Or Haram? Can Muslims Eat It? Guide 2023

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Is Jollibee Halal Or Haram?
Is Jollibee Halal Or Haram?

Who doesn’t enjoy eating fast food from Jollibee? But is Jollibee halal in Islam? It is fried chicken, which has a crispy skin and a succulent inside seasoned with delicious secret spices. To learn more, see the details below!

What Exactly Is Halal?

Before diving into the topic of Jollibee’s halal designation, it’s crucial to define halal.

Halal is a term in Arabic that means “permissible.” It refers to everything permissible or legal under Islamic law. Halal signifies food that has been made and consumed following Islamic dietary regulations.

Alcohol and meat of animals that weren’t killed in Allah’s name are among the items that are prohibited by Islamic dietary restrictions, along with pig and its byproducts. Muslims must also avoid any meal containing substances originating from creatures that weren’t killed in conformity with Islamic law.

In simple terms, Halal is a phrase used to describe food that Muslims can eat. The antithesis of Halal is Haram; it signifies food that Muslims are not authorized to consume. So, is Jollibee Halal? 

Jollibee: Filipino Fast-Food Corporation


Jollibee is a worldwide Filipino fast-food corporation. Jollibee’s trademark meals are Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Yumburger.

Its global operations have expanded, with branches in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia,  Bahrain, the Sultanate of O Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Jollibee is a well-known and well-loved Filipino fast-food brand that has come to symbolize Filipino pride and accomplishment in the global market.

Is Jollibee Halal or Haram?

Jollibee is Halal in part.

Jollibee is only partially halal since not all of its restaurants are halal-certified, according to information from many locations in different countries uploaded on the chain’s official website.

Jollibee restaurants in Muslim-majority nations like Malaysia claimed they had received halal certification from local religious groups. During the same period, just a few Jollibee shops in the UK provided halal meat authorized by Islamic organizations in each region.

Is Jollibee halal in the USA, The Jollibee outlet, on the contrary, indicated that they could not ensure their items were halal for various reasons.

No well-known halal certifying organizations have granted Jollibee halal certification. Jollibee, on the other hand, has indicated that in Muslim-majority nations like Malaysia and Indonesia, they utilize halal-certified chicken in their products.

Despite this, it is vital to highlight that the lack of a halal label does not always imply that an item is a haram (forbidden). Certification as Halal is voluntary, and many halal items are not certified.

Furthermore, halal certification regulations may differ by region and certifying power, making the certification process difficult for global corporations.

Jollibee’s Allowable And Prohibited Food

Jollibee’s menu includes hamburgers, fried chicken, spaghetti, and rice. Some Jollibee dishes are Halal, while some are not. For example, Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, the chain’s iconic fried chicken, is Halal certified in nations where Jollibee has achieved Halal certification.

In some places, the beef used in Jollibee’s hamburgers and other beef-based meals is Halal certified. However, the pork used in Jollibee’s menu items is not Halal and unacceptable for Muslim consumers.

Muslim clients must become familiar with Jollibee’s offerings to determine if meals suit them. They should also inquire about the Halal status of the ingredients used in cooking.

A Statement Made By Jollibee

jollibee halal certified

Islamic Halal And Haram Principles

The fundamental premise of the two categories is the belief that Allah created everything except what is forbidden. The exclusions include blood, pork, and meat from animals who died due to causes other than appropriate butchering.

What is permitted is adequate, and what is prohibited is superfluous. Allah banned precisely what was forbidden while simultaneously providing better alternatives. People may survive without consuming harmful carrion, pig, blood, or alcoholic beverages, which are the foundations of many vices.

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand and the Islamic Foundation of Ireland can label all meats as Halal.

The following products have the approval of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland:

  • Beef, lamb, and fowl are examples of meat products.
  • Products derived from milk.
  • Pizzas and sauces are examples of processed steaks-based and non-meat food items.
  • Vitamin and mineral premixes are examples of food ingredients.

Can Muslims Consume Jollibee?

Now you have the answer to “Is Jolibee Halal?” According to the information accessible, Muslims should use caution when consuming Jollibee products.

While Jollibee has yet to achieve halal certification, the firm has indicated utilizing halal-certified chicken in some regions. Furthermore, many Jollibee items do not include pork or alcohol, which are forbidden to Muslims.

For Muslims, it’s crucial to understand that some Jollibee items may be halal. Jollibee’s menu items may contain non-halal components, such as beef or meat products that have been processed that aren’t halal-certified. Cross-contamination can also occur throughout the cooking and preparing processes, rendering a product non-halal.

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Is Jollibee Halal In The UK?

Is Jollibee Halal In The UK
Is Jollibee Halal In The UK

Jollibee has some outlets in the United Kingdom, all providing halal food. The Halal Foods Authority (HFA), a well-known and trustworthy halal certification agency in the UK, has granted the firm halal certification.

The HFA guarantees that the food supplied at Jollibee restaurants complies with Islamic law's halal criteria. As a result, Muslim consumers in the United Kingdom may confidently eat their favorite Jollibee dishes.

Is Jollibee Halal In Singapore?

Is Jollibee Halal In Singapore Halal
Is Jollibee Halal In Singapore Halal

Jollibee has also received halal approval from the Islamic Religious Commission of Singapore (MUIS) in Singapore. MUIS is Singapore’s only recognized and trustworthy halal certification agency, and it assures that Jollibee’s food products are halal-compliant. No reservations are needed for Muslim clients to eat at Jollibee.

It is important to note that Jollibee's halal certification differs in each country, depending on the certifying agencies and current regulations. As a result, it is always essential to check with a nearby Jollibee restaurant and suitable halal certification organizations before consuming any food products.
Is Jollibee Halal

FAQs: Is Jollibee Halal

Is Jollibee A Halal Restaurant?

No, no recognized certifying authority has granted Jollibee halal certification.

Can Muslims Eat Jollibee’s Products?

Muslims should use caution while consuming Jollibee goods; however, they should be mindful that not all items are halal.

What Jollibee Items Are Halal?

Jollibee has yet to achieve halal status for its goods; however, the firm has indicated that they utilize halal-certified chicken in some regions.

What Should Muslims Keep In Mind When Eating Jollibee Products?

Before ingesting Jollibee goods, Muslims should take caution and conduct their study to confirm that they are permitted under Islamic dietary requirements.

What Steps May Muslims Take To Guarantee That Jollibee’s Products Are Halal?

Muslims can ask directly with Jollibee about the halal certification of certain items and conduct their study of the ingredients used.


Finally, Jollibee has not received a halal designation from any recognized certifying agency. However, the corporation has indicated utilizing halal-certified chicken in some regions. Muslims should use caution while consuming Jollibee goods.

However, they should be mindful that not all items are halal. Before ingesting Jollibee goods, Muslims should take caution and conduct their research to confirm that they are permitted under Islamic dietary guidelines.

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