Is Lucozade Halal Or Haram? Complete Guide 2023

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Is Lucozade Halal Or Haram?

Is Lucozade Halal: People all across the world love the popular energy and sports drink Lucozade. Is Lucozade Halal a problem for individuals who adhere to Islamic dietary restrictions? 

Additionally vegan in terms of its contents, Lucozade signifies that it does not contain any components originating from animals. Let’s read about “Is Lucozade Halal”.

Is Lucozade Halal?

As Lucozade is regarded as halal, Muslims are permitted to consume it. There are no ingredients from animals used by Lucozade in its beverages or during production. 

Additionally, they do not have alcohol as a component. The Halal Food Authority has also certified Lucozade Sport as halal, making it the perfect beverage for anyone who follows a strict halal diet. 

Is Lucozade Halal Certified? 

William Walker Hunter, a pharmacist from Newcastle, established the British soft drink firm Lucozade in 1927. Initially, it went by the name “Glucozade” and was promoted as an energy drink for the sick. 

Suntory, a Japanese business, now produces and sells Lucozade. Other Lucozade varieties include Lucozade Energy, Lucozade Sport, and Lucozade Alert. 

Vitamin B3 is an ingredient in Lucozade Energy that helps fight fatigue, and Lucozade Sport is a hydration aid. Lucozade Alert is a caffeinated beverage that also contains vitamin B3. Lucozade is regarded as vegan and halal. 

Yes, Lucozade Sport has received a halal food authority certification. The drink is suitable for people who adhere to a strict halal diet thanks to this certification. A respected organization that grants halal certification for food and beverage products is the Halal Food Authority. Because of this, customers can be confident that Lucozade Sport complies with halal requirements. 

What Are The Ingredients In Lucozade Soft Drink? 

Each Lucozade soft drink has a slightly different combination of components. The following is a list of Lucozade Original Energy’s ingredients:

  • Carbonated water Glucose syrup (25%) 
  • Citric acid (E330) 
  • Lactic acid (E270) 
  • Flavoring (unspecified) 
  • Preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite (E-222)) 
  • Caffeine 
  • Antioxidant (ascorbic acid) 
  • Colour (sunset yellow (E110), Ponceau 4R) 

Because Lucozade contains 0.01% ethanol (alcohol), devout Muslims were unable to consume it. 

Nevertheless, the Muslim Council of Britain decided in 2004 that there was no danger in consuming Lucozade, which includes minute amounts of ethyl alcohol that do not alter the drink’s flavor, color, or aroma. 

What Is The Caffeine Content Of Lucozade? 

Lucozade’s caffeine concentration varies depending on the flavor and drink type. The caffeine amount of several Lucozade beverages is listed below: 

  • Lucozade Energy: 12 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, roughly. Varied flavors have slightly varied caffeine content. For instance, Original has 60 mg per 500 ml bottle, whereas Lemon, Orange, Cherry, and Lime & Lemon have 80 mg. 
  • Lucozade Alert: 32 mg of caffeine per 100 ml. The total amount of caffeine in a 500 ml can of Lucozade Alert is 160 mg. 
  • Lucozade Sport: 3.58 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce (12.1 mg per 100 ml) and 46 mg of caffeine each 380 ml bottle. 

Does Lucozade Conatins Any Haram Element? 

Lucozade doesn’t contain any prohibited substances. Because it contains 0.01% ethanol (alcohol), Lucozade used to give observant Muslims anxiety because it was forbidden for them to ingest. 

Nevertheless, despite having a very small amount of alcohol in it, the Muslim Council of Britain determined in 2004 that Lucozade was halal. Due to the Halal Food Authority’s certification that Lucozade Sport is halal, it can be consumed by people who adhere to a strict halal diet. 

Additionally, Lucozade is vegan, which means it doesn’t contain any components with animal byproducts. Is Lucozade Safe For Muslim Consumption Although the particular Halal status of Lucozade may change depending on the product’s ingredients and production procedures, it is generally safe for Muslim eating. 

Review the labels, think about the origin of the ingredients, and, if necessary, seek advice from Halal certifying organizations or the manufacturer to make an informed choice. 

Additionally, choosing goods with widely recognized Halal certification insignia might provide you more assurance that they adhere to Islamic dietary regulations. 

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Lucozade? 

A well-liked energy drink called Lucozade is well-known for its speedy energizing effects. The following are a few possible health advantages of Lucozade:

  • Vitamins in Lucozade Energy help with digestion and improve cardiovascular system performance. The vitamin is also credited with lowering the risk of several illnesses. 
  • Caffeine, which is present in Lucozade, helps improve energy by enhancing attention and alertness. 
  • Carbohydrates are provided as energy by the sugar in Lucozade. Lucozade’s caffeine concentration may aid in weight loss. 
  • Caffeine can increase metabolism and support healthy weight management. Artificial sweeteners found in Lucozade have the potential to lower body weight, waist size, and fat mass. 
  • A strengthening substance called ascorbic acid, a type of vitamin C, is added to Lucozade. 
  • The immune system and cell healing both depend on vitamin C. 
  • Focus, memory, cognitive ability, cholesterol control, muscle building, and digestion may all be enhanced with Lucozade. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is there alcohol in Lucozade? 

There is very little alcohol in Lucozade, but it is not enough to be a problem. Alcohol, which is added to Lucozade in the amount of 0.01% ethanol, allows the flavoring to permeate the entire beverage. 

2. Is Lucozade vegetarian? 

Lucozade is a vegetarian beverage. All Lucozade beverages, according to the company’s official website, are suited for vegetarian and vegan diets. No components derived from animals are used by Lucozade in its beverages or during production. 

3. Is 0.01 alcohol halal? 

In Islam, ethanol has halal status when present in amounts less than 1% and is referred to as mubah (neither recommended nor prohibited). 


Thus to conclude whether is Lucozade halal or haram, On the surface, the chemicals in Lucozade don’t appear to contain anything intrinsically haram. However, People should: 

  • Make sure that Lucozade meets their Halal dietary needs. 
  • Check the product’s label for any ingredients that are haram. 
  • Contact the manufacturer for thorough information on the sources and processing of the ingredients. 
  • Consult a reputable Halal certifying authority or organization for advice; they may offer the most recent and accurate information on a range of products.

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