Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal Or Haram? Complete Information 2023

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Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal
Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal?

If you want to know the detail about “Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal or haramthen you are in the right place here you will get the complete information about it so read this full article to know more.

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most popular and widely used cheeses out there, with its creamy texture and mild flavor making it the perfect ingredient in so many delicious foods.

From pizza and lasagna to salads and pasta, mozzarella adds an extra layer of flavor and texture to dishes.

But for Muslim customers, this cheese’s popularity needs to be balanced with knowledge of its halal status. Knowing whether is mozzarella cheese halal or haram is highly essential to being able to enjoy this beloved cheese without worry.

Let’s delve into whether is mozzarella cheese halal or not.

Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal Or Haram?

Mozzarella cheese can be either halal or haram depending on the rennet used in its production. If the rennet is derived from animals, then the cheese will not be considered halal.

However, if vegetarian rennet is used, then the cheese can be enjoyed by those who observe a halal lifestyle.

The process of creating mozzarella starts with the activation of bacteria to spark the fermentation process and help to mature the milk.

This is followed by the use of rennet, which works to separate the milk into two components: curds and whey. These curds are then stretched, worked, and shaped into the desired forms.

Mozzarella cheese is an integral part of many dishes, but the key to deciding if it is deemed "halal" or "haram" lies in the components used during production - namely, the rennet. To ensure it meets the necessary standards, it must be made with the utmost care and creativity.

Cheese is transformed from milk into a delightful delicacy with a special ingredient: rennet. This vital addition may come from a variety of sources, such as microbial, plant, animal, or even genetically engineered.

Rennet Derived From Animals

Animal rennet

Rennet, usually sourced from animals, is the most common type. Creatures like pigs, sheep, and cows can provide this special substance, which – unfortunately – requires the animal’s death to be considered halal.

Muslims must be mindful of the source of rennet used in food production: pig-derived rennet is strictly forbidden, while rennet obtained from other animals must come from a creature that has been properly slaughtered according to Islamic law.

Rennet Derived From Plants

Vegetable rennet

Plant-derived rennet is what’s used to make mozzarella cheese permissible for Muslims since it’s always halal! Coagulating milk with certain plants means that anyone can enjoy the deliciousness of mozzarella without worry.

Rennet derived from genetically modified organisms Animals are utilized in genetically-engineered sources, and if this rennet is employed, one must be sure that the animal was humanely dispatched. Moreover, if the animal is halal, the engineered rennet will be halal as well.

Rennet Derived From Microbes 

Microbes rennet

Fungi are the masters of milk transformation, enabling the production of microbial rennet – a viable alternative to animal rennet which often raises eyebrows.

How To Determine Whether Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal?

We now realize why halal mozzarella production is so important. So, how do you tell whether the stretchy cheese is halal?

A great option is to opt for plant-based rennet. As no animals are involved in its production, it is sure to meet the standards of halal. For those searching for a delicious meal that fits within their dietary requirements, halal items can sometimes be tricky to find.

But fear not! Kosher products provide a great alternative, and for Muslims, are just as good. Discover the finest selection of halal-certified mozzarella cheeses from around the world!

Halal mozzarella cheese brands are simple to recognize. Look for the halal logo on the package as one method of determining this. Halal foods are marked with a sign or symbol that denotes that they are suitable for consumption.

You should avoid cheese if the ingredients list animal rennet without specifying the species. There are times when it can be haram to consume it.

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Brands of Halal Mozzarella

  • Costco Mozzarella Cheese
  • Kraft String Mozzarella Cheese
  • Belgioioso
  • Trader’s Joe
  • Organic Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Polly O Halal?

We can safely assume that this cheese is off-limits, as it is of animal origin and does not explicitly state that it is halal.

2. Is Mozzarella Farms Natural Cheese Halal?

Mozzarella Farms’ natural cheese contains components that may be considered off-limits by those adhering to more strict interpretations of Islamic dietary guidelines. The cheese is made using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, resulting in a product that is both delicious and versatile.

However, due to the presence of certain components that are forbidden in certain Islamic interpretations, the cheese may be deemed unsuitable for consumption by some.

3. Is Mozzarella Farms Natural Cheese Halal?

Mozzarella Farms’ natural cheese contains components that may be deemed forbidden by many Muslims.

4. Is Pizza Mozzarella Halal?

The key to making a halal pizza lies in the type of rennet used in the cheese; if it’s from a plant or a halal animal, then the cheese will be halal, and so will the pizza. But if the rennet is from a haram animal, it will make the cheese haram and, by extension, the pizza too.

5. Can one eat mozzarella cheese if one is a Muslim?

If one is a follower of Islam, perhaps you could try a vegan version of mozzarella cheese. There are lots of plant-based cheeses out there that make use of rennet derived from plants or microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet.


Mozzarella cheese is a popular and widely used ingredient in many dishes, but for Muslim customers, it is important to know Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal? Whether is mozzarella cheese halal or not depends on the rennet used in its production.

If it is derived from animals, it is not considered halal, but if vegetarian rennet is used, it can be enjoyed by those who observe a halal lifestyle. Brands of halal mozzarella include Costco, Kraft, Belgioioso, Trader’s Joe, and Organic Valley.

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