Is Nandos Halal Or Haram? What Changed In 2023?

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Is Nandos Halal Or Haram
Is Nandos Halal

Is Nandos Halal? Popular restaurant chain Nando’s offers peri-peri chicken. However, many Muslims question is Nando’s halal is still a concerning topic. Depending on the locale, Nando’s has different halal certifications. In a nutshell, none of the Nandos locations in the US provide halal chicken. 

Nando’s does not handle any pig products while operating in the UK in order to prevent cross-contamination, and they only serve chicken that is halal-certified.

Nando’s is only partially halal, and only a few of their chicken outlets serve halal chicken, claims a fatwa published by The Islamic Information. Nando’s does not pay a fee for certification even though they are not a halal brand; rather, its chicken suppliers do.

Whether Nando’s serves cuisine that has received halal certification is a common query among people looking for halal meal options. In this essay, we’ll examine Nando’s dedication to halal and explain how it obtains its halal certification.

Does Nando Serve Halal Certified Food?

Does Nando Serve Halal Certified Food

Is Nandos Halal? has taken measures to make sure that its products adhere to halal standards since it recognizes the importance of halal meals for many people. Rigorous inspections and adherence to precise rules and regulations established by the relevant certification agencies are required steps in the halal certification process.

Nando collaborates closely with respectable certification organizations that are acknowledged by the nations where its restaurants are located in order to get halal certification. These certification organizations confirm that the halal standards are met by Nando’s chicken and other ingredients used in its menu items. 

These authorities are in charge of checking that every step of the sourcing, handling, preparation, and cooking procedures complies with halal requirements.

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Which Nations Provide Halal Chicken At Nando’s Restaurants?

The following nations offer halal chicken at Nando’s restaurants:

  1. UK: Only 67 of the 367 Nando restaurants there serve halal chicken.
  2. Australia: All of the franchises of Nando’s Australia use chicken that has been certified halal.
  3. Other nations: Finding out which additional nations have Nando’s restaurants that provide halal chicken is not possible from the search results.

It is significant to note that Nando’s halal certification varies by location, thus it is best to inquire directly with the particular restaurant to find out whether they provide halal chicken.

What Is The Certification Process For Halal Chicken At Nando’s?

Is Nandos Halal? Depending on the locale, Nando’s has a different certification procedure for halal chicken. The official website of Nando’s in Australia states that the chicken they use is Halal-certified, although the search results don’t detail the exact certification procedure.

Only certified halal chicken is served in Nando’s halal-only chicken restaurants, which are clearly marked both in-person and online. To prevent cross-contamination, they also don’t touch any ingredients that include pork.

Nando’s Offering Communication And Awareness Regarding Halal Food

Is Nandos Halal? Nando understands how crucial it is to notify clients clearly about its halal certification. To reassure customers that they can enjoy their dishes with confidence, many Nando’s restaurants openly display their halal certification. 

Nando’s has also made an effort to make its halal status known through a number of venues, including its website, social media accounts, and physical signage inside its locations.

Nando’s serves a wide range of customers with different dietary needs. Nandos offers vegetarian choices and accommodates a variety of spice preferences, allowing patrons to enjoy their meals in accordance with their tastes and preferences even though the restaurant’s menu is primarily composed of chicken.

Is Nandos Halal

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Frequently Asked Questions

In India, Is Nandos halal?

The halal status of Nando’s chicken is not specified on the company’s official India website. However, they acknowledged that they occasionally give their hens antibiotics.

What About KFC In India, Is It Halal?

In India, KFC serves halal and non-halal chicken, but halal meat is not promoted. The site is largely responsible for KFC’s halal accreditation.

What Does McDonald’s Have Halal?

In the US, Canada, and the UK, McDonald’s does not have halal certification.
But in Australia, McDonald’s does sell halal chicken.


Is Nandos Halal? In response to the demand for halal food, and questions such as Is Nando’s Halal has made significant efforts in improving halal certification for Nando’s menu items. 

Nando has proven its dedication to serving consumers food that is halal-certified by working with credible certification bodies, maintaining supply chain traceability, and encouraging transparency. 

Nando’s is a good alternative for anyone looking for halal eating options since it enables them to enjoy the distinctive peri-peri flavors while still following their dietary needs and preferences.

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