Is Pizza Pizza Halal Or Haram? Amazing Facts In 2023

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Is Pizza Pizza Halal Or Haram

Is Pizza Pizza Halal? Do you want to know whether is Pizza Pizza halal or haram? Finding a halal pizza choice becomes important for people who adhere to Islamic dietary regulations. You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering whether Pizza Pizza, a well-known Canadian pizza company, is halal or haram.

Pizza Pizza is not certified halal. The menu clearly mentions that non-halal food is available. Pizza Pizza gets its meat from “2 Sisters Poultry” and “Maple Lounge Farms”. However, since Maple Lounge Farm also produces non-halal meat, its meat cannot be entirely categorized as halal. 

In this article, we examine the permissibility of Pizza Pizza, a well-known Canadian pizza restaurant. Continue reading to learn the details and determine whether Pizza Pizza satisfies the criteria for halal certification, guaranteeing a halal-compliant dining experience.

What Makes Pizza Pizza Halal Or Haram?

If the pizza you get from Pizza Pizza doesn’t have any haram (forbidden) ingredients, it is halal. Is Pizza Pizza Halal? Unless they have been polluted by other meats, such as pigs, or non-halal meats, vegetable toppings are halal. 

Pizza toppings that are often made with meat (like pepperoni) are sometimes not halal and shouldn’t be used on halal pizza. As a result, it relies on the components that go into that particular pizza. 

Since pizza dough typically comprises flour, yeast, salt, and water, it is halal in general. However, every product and procedure utilized in a pizza restaurant must be halal-certified in order for the food to be regarded as halal.

The source of the meat and the technique of killing are important factors to take into account if pizza pizza provides meat toppings. Meat must originate from animals that have been zabihahed, or killed according to Islamic procedures, in order to be considered halal. This entails the compassionate killing of the animal by a skilled Muslim butcher who recites the name of Allah (God) throughout the procedure.

What Are Some Common Haram Pizza Toppings?

Pizza toppings like ham, bacon, sausage, and pepperoni are frequently considered to be haram. Because they contain pork, which is prohibited in Islam, these toppings are considered haram. Any meat that is not halal-certified or zabiha (slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rituals) may also be considered a haram topping. 

Vegetable toppings, on the other hand, are often halal unless they have been polluted with haram substances. Beef, chicken, and lamb are a few of the preferred halal meat toppings for pizza. In order to confirm that a pizza is actually halal, it is always preferable to check with the restaurant or supplier. It is crucial to remember that the halal status of a pizza topping depends on the source and processing of the meat.

Is Pizza Pizza Halal In The USA?

With the exception of a few restaurants that serve halal chicken, pizza is not halal. However, offers 27 halal-certified Pizza Pizza locations in Canada. Is Pizza Pizza Halal? It is usually essential to check with the restaurant or supplier to make sure that the pizza is actually halal as the halal status of a pizza restaurant generally depends on the source and processing of the ingredients. 

Muslims should confirm if a specific Pizza Pizza location is halal or not if they want to try the Pizza Pizza food.

To find out if Pizza Pizza has any information about halal certification or halal choices at its locations, visit its official website. Ask whether they have any halal alternatives or if they are halal-certified by attempting to get in touch with the particular Pizza Pizza store you are interested in.

Make careful to check whether the individual Pizza Pizza location is listed as halal in online halal restaurant directories like Zabihah or My Halal Kitchen.

Halal Meat Toppings For Pizza.

Here are some halal meat options for pizza toppings besides chicken and beef:

  1. Halal beef pepperoni
  2. Halal beef taco seasoned ground beef
  3. Halal beef bacon
  4. Halal tandoori chicken
  5. Halal-cooked beef toppings
  6. Halal all-beef salami
  7. Halal taco seasoned beef topping

List Of Halal Seafood Options For Pizza Toppings

Here are some halal seafood options for pizza toppings:

  1. Cooked calamari
  2. Squid
  3. Shrimp
  4. Scallops
  5. Clams
  6. Lobster

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pizza Pizza Use Halal Meat?

Pizza Pizza offers non-halal food but is not halal-certified. However, halal chicken can be available at some Pizza Pizza locations. It is always best to check with the restaurant or supplier to ensure that the pizza is actually halal because the halal status of a pizza restaurant typically depends on the source and processing of the ingredients.

What Pizza Is Not Halal?

The following toppings render pizza haram:

Toppings made of pork, including pepperoni, ham, bacon, and sausage.
Not halal-certified or zabiha-certified non-halal meat toppings.
The use of animal rennet in cheese.

Is Dominos Halal Or Haram?

The majority of Domino’s Pizza locations around the world do not have halal certification and offer haram toppings like pepperoni sausage, which is a combination of pork and beef. The only Domino’s Pizza locations with a 100% halal pizza guarantee are those in Muslim nations.


Is Pizza Pizza Halal? To conclude a final verdict regarding is Pizza Pizza halal or haram, it can be said that Pizza Pizza is not formally recognized as halal. The lack of halal certification raises the possibility that Pizza Pizza’s food preparation procedures do not adhere to the stringent criteria required for halal compliance.

It is important to remember, nevertheless, that Pizza Pizza’s halal status may have altered since then. Pizza should be contacted directly if you want the most current and accurate information about its halal certification. You can also check their official website.

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