Is SFC Plus Halal Or Haram? Here Are Unheard Facts In 2023

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Is SFC Plus Halal Or Haram

Is SFC Plus Halal? You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been wondering if SFC Plus is halal or haram. Understanding the implications of halal food regulations is crucial for Muslims everywhere. For observant Muslims trying to retain their spiritual purity and religious convictions, adhering to halal norms is essential. 

SFC Plus asserts that every food item it produces and sells is halal. Is SFC Plus Halal? Their goods are made using fully traceable, halal-certified beef that has received BRC AA+ and IFS certification. 

Additionally, SFC Plus advertises the Halal status of its goods on its official Twitter and Instagram pages. This information allows it to be determined that SFC Plus is halal.

In this in-depth study, we examine SFC Plus practices as well as the particulars of halal dietary regulations. Find out if this well-known fast-food restaurant complies with halal requirements as we investigate the source of the ingredients and assess the chance of cross-contamination. Find out if SFC Plus offers halal-friendly options for your dietary requirements and religious commitments by reading on.

SFC Plus Overview: Do They Serve Halal Or Harm Food?

There are several different food options available at SFC Plus, including fried chicken, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and Pinoy Power Meals. SFC Plus is a locally produced American-style fast food success story with over 27 locations in the Middle East. It was founded in the UAE.

SFC Plus offers more than ten different pizza flavor variations. SFC Plus sells a variety of pizza flavors, including Hawaiian, Cheese Overload, Thai Satay, Meat-Eater, All Supreme, and Margherita. The chicken pizza at SFC Plus is excellent and flavorful.  

At SFC Plus, all foods and goods are Halal. Chicken, meat, and vegetables for SFC Plus are sourced from nearby farms and are Halal-certified with BRC AA+ and IFS certification.

Is SFC Chicken Bucket Halal?

Is SFC Chicken Bucket Halal

It has been established that the chicken used in SFC products is completely traceable, Halal-certified, and has earned BRC AA+ and IFS certification. In addition, a product listing for SFC Southern Fried Chicken Strips (Halal) on the website of the Government of Jersey attests to the Halal certification of SFC goods. 

The SFC chicken used to make Ceekays Chefs Premium Southern Fried Breaded Chicken Mini Fillets is also entirely halal-certified. SFC Limited Crispy Chicken Strips are additionally Halal-certified.

It is significant to note that regional and national variations in Halal certification may exist. For detailed information on the Halal certification of SFC goods in a particular region, it is therefore advised to verify with the local Halal certification body.

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Specific Halal Requirements Followed By SFC Plus For Chicken Products?

Islamic dietary regulations are the basis of the halal standards for chicken products. The primary condition for meat adhered to by SFC Plus is that it must originate from a legal animal and have been killed in a particular manner. Some of the specific halal requirements for chicken products include the following:

  • Chicken, turkey, quail, and duck are examples of acceptable animals from which the chicken may be sourced.
  • A Muslim who is of sound mind and has attained puberty shall butcher the chicken.
  • A sharp knife must be used to sever the animal’s windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein during the killing process.
  • The slaughter must be performed in the presence of Allah.
  • After being killed, the chicken must be totally bled out.
  • During processing, the chicken must not come into contact with any non-Halal ingredients like pork or alcohol.
  • The processing of the chicken must take place in a Halal-certified facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Owner Of The SFC Group?

The SFC Group’s founder and chairman is Kesavan Muraleedharan. SFC Group’s president and CEO is Susan Flinn Cobian.

Is KFC Chicken Halal In Australia?

Yes, KFC chicken in Australia has received halal certification from the ANIC, indicating that its preparation complies with Islamic laws regarding animal slaughter and food handling. To be sure you are dining at a halal-certified establishment, do your research as not all KFC outlets in Australia have received this certification. Based on supplier certification, some businesses provide halal meals and chicken.

Which KFC Is Halal?

Around 130 KFC locations in the UK have received a halal certification. To discover a halal KFC in your area, visit the KFC UK website.


Is SFC Plus Halal? We conclude about whether is SFC Plus halal or haram. It is essential to exert diligence and confirm the halal status of food enterprises in the question of faith and dietary constraints. Is SFC Plus Halal? In accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines, relying on official certification or direct dialogue with the restaurant management offers peace of mind.

People can find out precise and current information on the restaurant’s sourcing procedures, ingredients, cooking techniques, and certification standing by getting in touch with the management or asking at the establishment.

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