Is Shark Halal Or Haram? Exploring The Islamic Perspective

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Is Shark Halal Or Haram?
Is Shark Halal

Is Shark Halal Or Haram: As Muslims, we have an obligation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Islamic perspective on various types of meat, as this is a central part of our faith.

One of the most perplexing questions that people ask is: “Is shark halal?” This question is not an easy one to answer, as there are a number of factors to consider when determining whether the shark is permissible to consume according to Islamic teachings

To answer this question, let’s dive into the depths of Islamic law and see what we can discover. Can we find the answer to whether it is halal or haram to eat shark? Read on to find out.

A shark is a fish that is allowed to be consumed, according to the opinion of Prophet Muhammad. This means that it is halal to enjoy this seafood delicacy.

Is Shark Halal Or Haram?

The prior response is in fact accurate, and all four Sunni schools of Islamic law concur with it. Due to the specific mention of eating all varieties of fish in the Qur’an and Sunnah, all four of the main Sunni Madhabs concur that doing so is without a doubt permissible.

All have been given unique permission by Allah Most High, the All-Knowing and All-Wise, to eat any kind of fish without having to follow the Islamic procedure for slaughtering it.

Fish have been exempted from the general prohibition against ingesting dead animals, therefore eating them is permitted even if they devour people.

“Lawful to you is the pursuit of water game (fishing) and its use for food, for the benefit of yourselves and those who travel…” (Surah al-Ma’ida, V: 96)

Allah Most High says:


In light of this, it is permissible to consume sharks, as it is a type of fish. Shark meat is widely consumed in many countries around the world, and is considered a delicacy in some cultures.

However, it is important to note that the shark must have died from natural causes in order for it to be considered halal.

is shark halal or haram


Is Eating Sharks Permissible In Islam?

 Sharks are definitely halal! According to Islamic teachings, all fish and seafood are permissible to consume, and that includes shark flesh.

The Prophet Muhammad even declared that "anything that lives in water is permitted for you," making it a clear-cut case. So, go ahead and indulge in some halal sharks!

Sharks Consume Human Flesh, So How Can They Be Halal?

 Despite the reputation they have gained in Hollywood horror films, sharks are not actively looking to have humans as part of their diet.

According to the National Ocean Service, sharks may only attack people out of confusion or curiosity and are not purposely hunting humans.

In fact, their usual diet consists of smaller fish and marine invertebrates, and while they may come close to humans, they are not likely to take a bite out of you.

Therefore, if you encounter a shark, you need not be afraid – it is more likely to be just as curious about you as you are about it. (source)

How Come The Shark Is Halal? 

is shark halal or haram
How Is Shark Halal?

Shark is halal since it is regarded as a fish (or seafood), and as such, eating it is permissible in the eyes of the Prophet Muhammad.

The question of whether or not a shark is halal can be answered by looking to the guidance and teachings of Allah and His Messenger SAW. It does not matter if a fish consumes human flesh or not, as this has no bearing on whether it is haram or halal.

Is it permissible for believers to consume the flesh of the great sea creature, the shark? Indeed, it is! For the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) declared that anything dwelling in the sea is lawful for the believers to eat. So, dive in and enjoy the succulent seafood of the sea – including the majestic shark!

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Is All Seafood Halal?

Most seafood is regarded as halal (permissible to consume) in Islam. Fish, shellfish, and other aquatic species that are caught in the sea are included in this. Generally speaking, unless there is proof to the contrary, all seafood is considered to be halal. 

It is crucial to remember that different academics may have different perspectives on particular seafood varieties. For instance, some scholars believe oysters to be halal while others believe they are forbidden. 

Similarly to this, the Hanafi school of thinking excludes shellfish and only accepts fish with scales as halal. Muslims are advised to look for halal certification for seafood products to make sure they comply with the rules and are suitable for consumption.

What’s The Ruling On Eating Dead Fish In Islam

In Islam, the ruling on eating dead fish is as follows:

  1. The consumption of dead animals (maytah) as food is forbidden by the Qur’an.
  2. For fish, there is an exception, though. Fish that has died is acceptable to consume (halal).
  3. This decision was made with the rationale that as fish do not have flowing blood like land animals, they cannot be declared pure by being slaughtered.
  4. Fish that naturally perish are suitable for consumption.

Why Do Some Muslims Think Sharks Are Prohibited? 

Sharks have long been the subject of discussion in the Muslim world, with some believing that their meat is particularly forbidden due to being regarded as a kitabiyyat – creatures that show characteristics of both predators and prey.

Is Shark Halal

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shark Halal In Maliki Islam?

Sharks are definitely considered to be halal in Maliki Islam, one of the four major Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence. This is predominantly due to the Maliki school of thought, which allows for the consumption of all types of fish, including sharks, as long as they are properly slaughtered according to Islamic law.

Is Shark Halal In Hanbali Islam?

In Hanbali Islam, the consumption of shark meat is really permissible. This is because one of the four primary Sunni schools of law, namely the Hanbali school of thought, allows for the consumption of shark meat as long as it is slaughtered in a certain way.

Is Shark Halal In Sunni Islam?

Sharks are generally considered to be permitted in Sunni Islam unless there is specific proof or injunction against their consumption. While there is no clear evidence one way or the other, the widely accepted rule is that each fish is halal, as long as it is not harmful to humans


The age-old conundrum of “Is Shark Halal?” has been around for ages, but now there’s a definitive answer! As per Islamic law, the shark is a kind of fish that can be safely consumed by Muslims. This is because any fish that live in water are allowed to be enjoyed in keeping with Islamic dietary regulations.

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