Is Starburst Halal Or Haram? Everything You Should Know

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Is Starburst Halal?
Is Starburst Halal Or Haram?

Is Starburst Halal Or Haram: The question of is Starburst Halal or haram, depends on the ingredients used in its production and the manufacturing process it goes through. Generally speaking, all the major ingredients added to the product are Halal.

However, there may be some added ingredients like alcohol and gelatine which could make it non-Halal. It is important to check the ingredients used in the product before determining its Halal status.

The manufacturing process should also be Halal compliant as per Islamic guidelines to ensure that Starburst is Halal certified.

Is Starburst Halal?

To answer your doubts we collected the necessary details provided by Wrigley, which is the owner of Mars Incorporated and Starburst brand. Unfortunately, Starburst is not halal certified by any international food inspecting body but the company claims to not use any haram ingredient including gelatine which is derived from beef, in their product. 

However, they do not decline the rumors of these candies carrying traces of alcohol which leads to a vague conclusion.

Since every manufacturer has their own Halal requirements, it is best to consult with a Halal certifying organization or body to determine if Starburst is Halal or not. The Halal certification process requires that all ingredients and processes are monitored and approved by a Halal certifying authority.

If these criteria are met, then the product can be considered Halal. Therefore, it is important to do your research and check the Halal status of Starburst before consuming it.

Please note that Halal certifications may vary from region to region, so be sure to confirm with a Halal certification organization if you have any doubts.

Additionally, if you are unsure as to whether a product is Halal or not, you should always double-check with the manufacturer before making a purchase. That way you can be sure that the product you are consuming is Halal-certified and safe for consumption.

Here is what people on the internet have to say in support of the doubt-

Is Starburst Halal Or Haram?

Halal is a term used for declaring any food material to be legally permissible by the Islamic religion. It includes the prohibition of pork, non-halal meat, and alcohol.

While the debate on such topics is neverending until the company responds with an officially certified statement or a label on their product, one can always figure out his way by checking the ingredients of the product.

Starburst, a popular brand of candy, has been under scrutiny for Halal certification in recent times. The company has not provided any Halal-certified labels on its products and hence it is difficult to determine if they are Halal or not.

Many followers stick to the belief that Stardust is haram as it contains alcohol directly or indirectly in the manufacturing of the product but there is also another set of believers who enjoy Starburst with a warm heart as it does not contain pork or haram meat. Let us know what side you chose to be!

List Of Ingredients Used In Starburst Candies

Ingredients Used In Starburst Candies

We found out what exactly Starburst candy is made of and here’s a list of all these major components-

  • Sugar Corn Syrup
  • Fruit Juices From Concentrate (apple, raspberry, strawberry, cherry)
  • Citric Acid
  • Artificial Flavours
  • Food Colouring (red 40, yellow 5, blue 1)
  • Palm Oil
  • Tapioca Dextrin
  • Gelatine (beef-derived)
  • Confectioner’s Glaze
  • Carnauba Wax

Is Starburst Halal In The UK

A candy company called Starburst creates vibrant sweets with a variety of fruit flavors. If Starburst is halal or haram in the UK, that is the question. Products from Starburst that are offered for sale in the UK do not contain gelatin, making them halal. However, because of its inability to guarantee that no alcohol is produced during the creation of its flavoring, Starburst is not halal certified.

Is Starburst Halal In Canada

Since no specific research has been conducted for Canada, it is unclear whether Starburst is considered halal there. However, it is better to avoid Starburst and select a different brand because Starburst also manufactures haram items in the USA. 

Due to the presence of haram substances such as beef gelatin, haram beverages, and hog fat, Starburst sold in the USA is regarded as haram. Because it contains pig gelatin, it can therefore be claimed that Starburst candy is not halal in Canada.

Is Starburst Halal In Australia?

In Australia, Starburst candies are not halal-certified. Therefore, to get the most precise information on whether Starburst candies are halal in Australia, it is advised to check the label or get in touch with the manufacturer directly. 

In Australia, only one Starburst product—the Starburst Fruit Chews—is halal-certified. It is crucial to remember that some Starburst products sold in Australia have substances that are prohibited for Muslims to eat. 

You can also check the packaging for halal certification insignia to be sure the specific product you want is halal-certified.

Do Starburst Candies Contain Alcohol? Are They Still Halal?

There is a common misconception that Starburst contains alcohol. While it is true that the original recipe for Starburst included alcohol, this ingredient was removed and replaced with malic acid.

But Wrigley Mars does not decline the chances causing doubts about merely the probable percentage of alcohol in these candies though it is still not enough for intoxication.

As a result, Starburst candies are safe for consumption by people of all faiths, including Muslims who follow the Halal diet. So whether you’re enjoying a handful of starbursts as a midday snack or using them to decorate a birthday cake, you can rest assured that they are halal.

Although many preacher’s views are quite contrary as they believe the artificial coloring involves alcohol indirectly making starburst candies unfit for Muslims.

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What Type Of Beef Is In StarBurst?

The gelatine found in Starburst candies is derived from beef. The cattle used for the production of these gelatines are Halal-certified, meaning they have been raised and slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines.

That being said, it is important to remember that Halal criteria will vary from country to country, so it is always best to check with the local Halal authority or certifying organization before making a purchase.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that products that are not halal certified like Starburst may still contain trace amounts of alcohol or gelatine in some cases. Therefore, always make sure you read the ingredients list before consuming it.

By doing your research and being aware of what goes into making a Halal-certified product, you can ensure that you are consuming Halal-certified products safely and responsibly.

For more information on “Is Starburst Halal Or Haram” do watch the video given below:-

Is Starburst Halal?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Starbursts Have Pork Gelatin?

Ans- No, Starburst does not contain pork gelatin. The gelatine used in the production of Starbursts is Halal and derived from beef.

2. Is There Alcohol In Starbursts?

Ans- Starbursts may contain trace amounts of alcohol due to manufacturing processes, but it is highly unlikely. Halal certifications may vary from region to region, so it is always best to double-check with the Halal certification organization before consuming any food product.

3. Is Starburst Kosher Gelatin?

Ans- You must understand that standards of halal and kosher are different from each other. Starburst is halal but it is not kosher. Halal gelatine used in Starburst candy comes from Halal-certified beef, while Kosher gelatine is derived from fish or vegetables.

4. Is Starburst Made Of Wax?

Ans- Yes, Starburst is made with carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a plant-based wax derived from the leaves of Copernicia prunifera and helps to keep the candy pieces together.

Final Say

The verdict on, is Starburst halal or haram? It seems like Starburst is likely to be halal, but you can always check with the manufacturer to be sure. If you’re looking for a halal-friendly alternative, there are plenty of other options available. Why not try one today?

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