Is Subway Halal Or Haram? Can Muslims Eat It? Guide 2023

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Is Subway Halal Or Haram?
Is Subway Halal Or Haram?

One of the most well-known fast-food chains in the world, Subway is known for its delectable sandwiches made with top-quality ingredients. You’ve come to the right place if you’re asking “Is Subway Halal.” Read Subway’s halal status and determine if Muslims can consume it.

What Exactly Is Halal?

Before diving into the topic of Subway’s halal designation, it’s crucial to define halal.

Halal is a term in Arabic that means “permissible”. It refers to everything permissible or legal under Islamic law. Halal signifies food that has been made and consumed following Islamic dietary regulations.

Alcohol and meat of animals that weren’t killed in Allah’s name are among the items that are prohibited by Islamic dietary restrictions, along with pig and its byproducts. Muslims must also avoid any meal containing substances originating from creatures that weren’t killed in conformity with Islamic law.

In simple terms, Halal is a phrase used to describe food that Muslims can eat. The antithesis of Halal is Haram; it signifies food that Muslims are not authorized to consume. So, Is Subway Halal

Subway: Your Quick Food Restaurant

Subway is a global eating establishment with branches all over the globe. It is a quick food restaurant that specializes in sandwiches. The firm was founded in 1965. Although not every item on Subway’s menu is halal-certified, they sell halal-certified sandwiches. This varies across different nations, so verify if the outlet you’re visiting has the halal certification.

Subways worldwide also include vegetarian alternatives in their food options, which is an excellent choice if you’re concerned about if the meat was treated according to Islamic guidelines. 

The Muslim community has mixed emotions about dining at Subway. Some claim the eateries are halal, while others claim they are not. Muslims are most worried because Subway utilizes hog products in several sandwiches. 

Is Subway Halal Or Haram?

Subway is partly Halal.

The Muslim population in every country determines the halal status of Subway. Subway fails to offer halal cuisine in the United States and has no intentions of building a halal-certified restaurant there.

In the United Kingdom, 202 of the 2,000 Subway locations serve halal-only meat by Sharia law, but all Subway locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Turkey are halal-certified.

The exact location determines Subway’s halal status and the supplier of the goods utilized at that location. Subway is a worldwide corporation with rules and practices that differ from nation to nation.

As a result, if you are seeking halal alternatives at Subway, it is best to verify the same restaurant you want to visit and question their halal rules and practices because the halal status of Subway may differ per nation, depending on the Muslim population. 

Certification Of Meat Products

Subway maintains that their meat from a halal supplier adheres to EU animal welfare regulations and that all animals undergo shock before slaughter. This principle is not incompatible with Islam. However, the question of whether animals die while shocked remains unanswered.

All meats can be labeled as Halal by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand and the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.

The following goods are approved by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland:

  • Beef, lamb, and fowl are examples of meat products.
  • Products derived from milk.
  • Pizzas and sauces are examples of processed steaks-based and non-meat food items.
  • Vitamin and mineral premixes are examples of food ingredients.

What Are The Halal Subway Menu Items?

Understanding how to spot halal menu items is crucial if you’re a Muslim intending to dine at Subway. One method is to search for the halal certification emblem to achieve this. Subway’s halal-certified goods are labeled with a halal emblem in some countries, including the United Kingdom, to signify that a halal certification agency has approved them.

In other countries, including Australia, Subway's halal-certified goods are not labeled with a halal mark. Customers should instead ask the restaurant personnel which dishes are halal-certified.

It should be noted that not all Subway locations provide halal-certified menu items. Before heading to a Subway restaurant, call ahead and inquire if they provide halal-certified goods.

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Is Subway Halal In The United States?

Like many American fast-food restaurants, Subway provides several meat alternatives, including steak and gammon. However, whether Subway is halal in the United States may vary depending on region and ingredients. It’s noteworthy that Subway sells halal-certified meats and burgers in some locations.

To find halal decisions at Subway, you should verify the store you intend to visit. Some Subway shops may or may not sell halal-certified meats and sandwiches. Furthermore, based on the franchise owners and area, the processing of halal-certified food may differ.

Is Subway Halal In The United Kingdom?

Subway is a renowned fast-food eatery in the United Kingdom, with a broad range of sandwiches and other menu items. In several UK locations, Subway sells halal-certified meats and sandwiches.

Customers searching for halal choices at Subway may contact their nearest Subway shop. Some restaurants may provide halal meats and sandwiches, whereas others may not. It is crucial to remember that the processing of halal-certified items may vary based on the franchisee's name and area.

Is Subway Halal In Canada?

Is Subway Halal In Canada
Is Subway Halal In Canada

Subway is a renowned Canadian fast-food business serving different hamburgers and other food choices. Subway’s halal status in Canada may vary according to the region and the components utilized.

Subway used to offer halal-certified meat and sandwiches in some Canadian locations. However, owing to varied franchise management and ownership, check with the exact Subway shop you want to visit. Customers can contact their local Subway shop for further information on halal choices.

Is Tuna From Subway Halal?

Is Tuna From Subway Halal?
Is Tuna From Subway Halal?

Subway is a fast-food restaurant that offers a range of sandwiches, notably tuna. Subway’s tuna might or might not be halal, depending on the area and the products utilized. It should be noted that the halal certification of Subway’s tuna varies by nation and locale.

If you have any queries regarding Subway tuna’s halal certification, you should reach Subway or check with your local halal certifying agency. It’s important to note that particular Subway retains serve halal-certified meat and sandwiches. Customers should, however, always verify the exact Subway restaurant they want to go to for further information.

Is It Safe To Eat For Muslims?

The answer to the question of whether Muslims can eat at Subway is dependent on whether the restaurant provides halal-certified menu items. Muslims can dine at Subway if the business serves halal-certified items. Muslims should avoid eating in establishments that don’t offer these foods.

Consuming non-halal food is deemed haram (forbidden) in Islam; hence Muslims must verify that what they consume is halal. Muslims should try to verify that people’s food is halal, such as by investigating the halal certification of establishments before dining out.

In Muslim-majority nations, Muslims are allowed to eat Subway meals. In contrast, Muslim consumers in non-Muslim countries, including the United Kingdom, are always encouraged to look for the halal certification mark, which typically appears in halal Subway locations.


Now the doubt “Is Subway Halal” has been cleared. Subway’s halal status is determined by numerous variables, including the components used in its goods, the origins of those ingredients, and the procedures used in food preparation. Subway has gained halal certification in various regions for some stores and products.

Remembering that halal certification criteria differ depending on the area and certification organization is crucial. Those worried about the halal status of Subway products should conduct their study and seek advice from religious authorities or halal-certified institutions.

This was all about “Is Subway Halal or Haram”. Thanks for reading and if you have any queries do let us know in the comment section below.

FAQs: Is Subway Halal

Is Subway Completely Halal?

No, Subway doesn’t sell halal food. Not all Subway locations have halal certification, though some do. As a result, before ordering, it is critical to clarify with the staff whether a specific Subway location sells halal meat.

Is Subway India halal?

Yes, Halal meat is available at Subway India. Subway has received Halal India certification for its Indian locations. As a result, Muslims can confidently eat their favorite Subway sandwiches.

Is Beef Or Pork Served at Subway India?

No, there is no meat or pig served at Subway India. To cater to India’s Muslim population, Subway India is a halal-certified franchise exclusively serving chicken, turkey, and vegetarian alternatives.

In The US, Is Turkey From Subway Halal?

Subway turkey may not be halal, depending on where you are in the USA. Some Subway restaurants in the United States provide halal turkey, whereas others do not. Before ordering, please inquire about the halal certification of the turkey to verify it satisfies your dietary restrictions.

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