Is Sushi Halal Or Haram? Truth Revealed In 2023

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Is Sushi Halal

Is Sushi Halal? Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine but is sushi halal? The taste and soft texture of this perfectly blended cuisine have gained immense popularity worldwide for its unique flavors and artistic presentation. 

It is critical to address the halal status of this popular meal for Muslim diners as sushi becomes more widely available across varied cultures. 

Is Sushi Halal?

Sushi is not halal if the fish or rice has been marinated in rice vinegar made from rice wine. But if the other ingredients are halal, it is unquestionably halal as long as there is no alcohol present.

Sushi that contains mirin, an alcoholic rice wine, is prohibited by Islam. According to the Sunni Hanafi school of thinking, any form of fish or seafood with fins and scales on its body is halal, while prawns, lobsters, crabs, octopuses, eels, and the like that lack fins and scales are haram. Sushi is therefore halal if the seafood is chosen appropriately.

We will get deeper into what sushi is, how it’s cooked, and if it’s halal or haram in this article. When deciding whether to have sushi the next time you eat out, it can be helpful to discuss all potential sects and their points of view.

What Ingredients Can Make Sushi Haram?

Sushi may be considered haram if it contains the following ingredients:

1. Mirin


It is a typical ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is a low-alcohol condiment from Japan. Sushi containing mirin is prohibited by Islam.

2. Rice Vinegar Prepared Using Rice Wine

Rice Vinegar Prepared Using Rice Wine

It is not halal to serve sushi that has been marinated in rice vinegar derived from rice wine.

3. Seafood Without Fins And Scales On Their Body

Seafood Without Fins And Scales

The Sunni Hanafi school of thought considers all seafood that lacks scales and fins to be haram, including shrimp, prawns, lobster, crabs, octopus, and eels.

4. Additive Flavors Including Sauces And condiments

Flavors Including Sauces And condiments

Like beer or wine, soy sauce is a naturally brewed substance. The accompanying sauces and condiments must be taken into account in order to establish if they are halal or haram.

In order to ensure that sushi is halal, it is crucial to stay away from the items mentioned above and to learn more about the ingredients used in sushi before consuming it.

How To Make Home-Made Halal Sushi?

steps For How Made Sushi

To make sure that the products you are buying and utilizing in the sushi are halal, don’t forget to do your homework and ask questions. To prepare sushi at home, follow the simple instructions below.

Step 1

To create halal sushi, make sure all the ingredients bear the halal seal. The recipe should not use mirin, an alcoholic rice wine.

Step 2

White, short-grained, sweet rice is the base of sushi, together with a dressing comprised of rice vinegar, sugar, salt, konbu, and sake. To avoid using rice vinegar created from rice wine, only use halal components.

Step 3

Use halal fillings like cooked crab, cooked prawns, cooked salmon, cooked tuna, or other fish with fins and scales. Eel, octopus, and other haram (forbidden) seafood, such as shellfish, should not be used.

Step 4

On a sushi mat, spread out a piece of nori (seaweed). On top of the nori, distribute the rice, leaving a thin border at the top. Over the rice, layer the fillings. Using the mat, roll the sushi tightly, carefully pressing down as you go. Continue until all the ingredients have been consumed.

Step 5

Slice the sushi roll into bite-sized pieces using a sharp knife. Wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce should be served on the side.

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How To Find Halal Sushi-Serving Restaurants In Any Part Of Country?

Is Sushi Halal? All around the nation, sushi is commonly available and has its origins in Japan. While mirin, an alcoholic rice wine, may be present in traditional Japanese sushi, certain halal sushi restaurants in Japan use halal ingredients and cooking techniques.

Sushi restaurants in Indonesia offer halal sushi prepared from cooked beef or seafood with fins and scales.

Other nations like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia are also seeing an increase in the number of halal sushi eateries. Is Sushi Halal? To be sure that the sushi is halal, it is crucial to conduct research and inquire about the products and preparation techniques used in each restaurant.

It is recommended to conduct an online search for halal sushi restaurants in a certain area if you need to find any in that area. Is Sushi Halal? You can find halal sushi by searching for “halal sushi” or “halal sushi restaurant” and then the name of the particular establishment. For halal sushi restaurants in the region, search online directories, review websites, and social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Muslims Consume Non-Halal Food?

Muslims are not permitted to eat or drink anything that is considered Haram or forbidden by Islamic law. On the other hand, halal foods are acceptable and allowed for consumption by individuals adhering to Islamic dietary regulations. 

2. Is Fish Halal In Japan?

Muslims in Japan are permitted to eat fish because it is recognized as halal. This is evident from the popularity of fish in Japanese cooking and the accessibility of halal fish products there.

3. What Types Of Food Are Not Halal?

Common examples of haram cuisine:

1. Pork and pork products (ham, sausage, and bacon)
2. Carnivores, raptors, and some other types of animals
3. Non-halal sources of gelatin (fish gelatin is regarded as halal)
Alcohol and other sedatives


Is Sushi Halal? To conclude our research about sushi halal it can be said that halal certification can solve all your problems. To verify that the products, cooking methods, and overall operations adhere to halal standards, these certifications entail stringent inspections and audits.

Is Sushi Halal? Muslim customers are urged to choose sushi shops with reliable halal certifications or to communicate openly with the employees of the restaurant to clear up any questions.

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