Is Teriyaki Sauce Halal? Best Guide 2023

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Is Teriyaki Sauce Halal

Is teriyaki sauce halal? Teriyaki sauce is a thick japanese soy sauce and those who follow Islam have a question in mind whether it is halal or haram. This sauce has been commonly used as pasta sauce and also along with grilled meat and grilled fish. It is tasty, but whether it is halal or not, is the question. 

The muslim people find most of their answers in the Quran and hadith. But, sometimes, it’s tough to get direct answers. Hence, to get the detailed and prompt answer for whether Teriyaki sauce is halal or not, you can go through the details given below.

Is Teriyaki Sauce Halal?

Yes, Teriyaki sauce is halal as it has halal ingredients. In some sauces, there is just 2 percent soy sauce alcohol content in it, which is formed due to natural fermentation. Even this content of alcohol might get lost while cooking or baking. Hence, Teriyaki Sauce is considered as Halal.

Alcohol is an intoxicating drink and it is haram. In Islam, it is believed that those who consume alcohol will perform great sin and it is not permissible. So, some people feel that even Teriyaki sauce should be haram. 

But, it has sugar, soy sauce, water, honey and potato starch. In most of the brands, this recipe is followed. A few brands of Teriyaki sauce might contain a bit of as in 2 percent of alcohol. But again, it is permissible as it might get lost in the process of cooking.

Alcohol is considered as an intoxicating drink and it is haram. It is halal, only if used for medical purposes. Since Teriyaki sauce doesn’t have alcohol and if at all it is there, it is just to the extent of 2 percent and hence it is permissible in Islam.

In Which Foods Teriyaki Sauce Is Used?

Teriyaki sauce is used in many Japanese food items. The Japanese use them in chicken bowls, noodles, rice and in many other dishes. If you are a staunch Islam then you must not consume the dishes that have Teriyaki sauce. Using teriyaki sauce is haram as it has some alcohol content. 

But, if you believe that while cooking, the sauce will lose the alcohol content. The decision to consume that food or not, is up to you. People also enjoy this sauce with grilled fish. So, those who consume soy sauce also use Teriyaki sauce. But, Islamic people should first verify the way it is made and what the alcohol content is in it. Ideally, Teriyaki sauce has just 2 percent of alcohol which is used for fermentation and hence, it is halal.

Islamic Laws And Interpretation Use Of Teriyaki Sauce

Before you understand the Islamic laws in regards to whether you can consume Teriyaki Sauce or not, the most important thing that you must know is that alcohol is strictly prohibited in Islam. 

The  intoxicating drinks like alcohol can make the intelligence cloudy. It can create problems and the person might lose his wisdom to think and to make decisions. Prayers should not be done when the person is drunk. 

But Teriyaki sauce is prepared in such a way that there is no alcohol content in it. If at all, there’s some content as in just 2 percent then it gets lost due to cooking. This is what makes the sauce halal. 

The process of fermentation does not make a product impermissible (haram) to consume. In the case of soy sauce, although it is produced through fermentation, it does not intoxicate and does not resemble wine in any significant way. Therefore, soy sauce is considered permissible (halal) to consume. This ruling is based on the perspective of the Hanafi school of thought. Since Teriyaki sauce has soy sauce, it is permissible to be used in food items.

Source: Maulana Mustafa Umar

In Teriyaki sauce and soy sauce, alcohol is used only for the purpose  of fermentation. These are some of the conditions related to alcohol in halal foods and they are met:

  • The alcohol is not being used to intoxicate.
  • The amount of alcohol is not being used in a quantity that intoxicates.
  • The alcohol is not being used as intoxicants are used.
  • The alcohol is not being used for vain or useless purposes.

Source: Hanafi scholars

The Final Thoughts On Using Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is made out of soy sauce. In Islam, it is halal because it has 0 to 2 percent of alcohol which is permissible. So, looking into all the above details, it is indeed believed to be halal food item.

Islamic people can use Teriyaki sauce and it should not have any problem as such. 

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  1. What foods use Teriyaki sauce as the flavoring substance?

Many people use teriyaki sauce in grilled fish, grilled chicken and other items for adding taste and flavor. In many Japanese dishes, you will see that Teriyaki sauce is being used.

  1. Can Muslims eat Teriyaki Sauce?

Yes, the muslims can eat Teriyaki sauce and it is not a sin. 

  1. Can muslims eat Japanese food items?

The Islams should always verify the contents of the food items and ingredients before they consume any food. In Japanese food, sometimes there is addition of wine. Teriyaki sauce is allowed, because the alcohol content is just from 0 to 2 percent which is permissible in Islam.

  1. Why is Teriyaki sauce halal?

Teriyaki sauce is halal as it is made with the ingredients that are halal. These include soy sauce, sugar, honey, water etc. In some brands alcohol is used to the extent of 2 percent and it is permissible in Islam. The purpose of alcohol content is not for intoxication. It is mainly meant for fermentation.

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