Is White Wine Halal or Haram? Exploring The Islamic View On White Wine

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Is White Wine Halal or Haram

White wine’s halal or haram status in Islam hinges on interpretations of Quranic prohibitions on alcohol. Generally, alcohol, including white wine, is considered haram due to its intoxicating effect. However, differing viewpoints exist, with some allowing for limited exceptions, creating a complex issue within Islamic jurisprudence.

in [Surah al-Maida, verse: 90-91]

Allah Ta’ala says O believers, alcohol and gambling, altars of idolatry and fortune-telling are abominable things, works of Satan. So reject them. Satan wants to cause enmity and enmity between you through alcohol and gambling and wants to prevent you from remembering Allah and praying. But will you not refrain?

Is White Wine Halal or Haram?

In the above verse it is ordered to refrain from the main four haram things. Note that Surah Ma’idah is one of the Surahs revealed at the end of the Quran.

Therefore, the things that are declared haram here are no longer pleasing. As a result, it is regarded as eternally forbidden until Qiyaamah.

Mentioning here the main four among the numerous forbidden things indicates that these four haram things are the source of many more haram things. So if these are closed, the others will also be closed.

It is not permissible to drink even a drop of alcohol. If alcohol is found anywhere on the body or clothes, it will become impure. If someone considers alcohol as halal and lawful, he will become a disbeliever in Islamic Shariat.

In Hadith Sharif it is called the root of all sins because those who take drugs lose their normality of thinking. Extreme inconsistency is observed in their words and actions. That is why Islamic Sharia prescribes flogging for Muslim drunkenness.

In Islam Buying, selling and even carrying alcohol declared haram for Muslims, although imposing Islamic laws on non-Muslims is expressly prohibited. Everyone is encouraged to abstain individually. The Prophet said, in the last age some people will come who will change the name of alcohol and make it halal. [Abu Dawood, Musnadu Ahmad, Ibn Majah].

According to the commentary of this Hadith of Rasool SAW on White Wine Halal or Haram,

It can be derived those who drinks alcohol changing its name will be included among those corrupted people of the last age.

The Arabic word for “wine” is “خمر” (Khmer), which shares linguistic roots with the word “ستر” (satr), meaning “to conceal” or “to cover.”

This connection is because the veil worn by women is called “ستر” as it covers the head and chest. In Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised covering vessels and mentioning Allah’s name over them, emphasizing the concept of covering and remembering God.

Umar Farooq (RA) once stated that white wine is that which covers the conscience of man, highlighting the intoxicating and mind-clouding nature of alcoholic beverages.

In ancient Arab countries, wine was produced from various materials, including grapes, dates, honey, wheat, and barley. However, grapes (النبيذ من ماء العنب) were the primary source for making wine.

Wine, as described, is the result of grapes’ raw juice fermenting, rotting, and heating until it foams and reaches its final intoxicating state, known as “السكار” (sakar) in Arabic.

When the raw juice of the grape rots and foams, it creates intoxication, so that people’s natural conscience disappears. In different countries, alcohol is made from different decaying materials.

Local liquor and tadi are made with rotten panta, rotten date juice, palm juice, etc. There are also many ancient drugs like tobacco, ganja, opium etc.

At present, using modern technology, heroin, phensidyl, yaba tablets, pethidine injections etc. are being manufactured anonymously. All of which are in a word drugs or alcohol. Alcohol temporarily excites the body but ultimately destroys the person.

Why White Wine Halal or Haram in Islam? By Islamic Scholar

It is typically made from fermentation of crushed white and green grapes. The process of making white wine starts from harvesting ripe grapes, then it is crushed and pressed. In the third stage the grape juice is fermented with the help of yeast then aging, clarification and filtration and then finally bottling.

The Alcohol by volume (ABV) in white wine contains typically from 11% to 13.5 which can vary depending on multiple factors including grape variety, fermentation process and manufacturers choices. In some cases ABV reaches up to 14%.

To understand the matter why White Wine Halal or Haram, let’s read the explanations made by Islamic Scholar:

As far as drinking intoxicants are concerned, it is clearly mentioned in the glorious Quran in Surah Maidah, chapter number 5, verse number 19, Surah Maidah, chapter 5, verse number 90, it is very clear-cut that any intoxicants whether it be beer whether it be alcohol whether it be white wine or red wine- Any intoxicants drugs etc it is prohibited.

To answer whether consuming of white wine and other alcoholic drinks permissible or not islami scholar explained:

The Prophet (PBUH) is very clear about why White Wine Halal or Haram.

It’s mentioned in Hadith of ibn maja, hadith number 3392: Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that anything which intoxicates in a small quantity or anything which intoxicates in a large quantity, it is also prohibited.

So based on this hadith it is very clear-cut that for a Muslim having white wine or containing flavors of alcohol is also prohibited.

I would say that white wine Haram. It does contain alcohol and in large quantity it will intoxicate you hope.

So with the both explanations of Islamic scholars and Quranic verses and Hadith, we can conclude that because white wine contains upto 14% alcohol, it is clearly haram. May Allah give Muslim ummah the proper understanding.

FAQs: White Wine Halal or Haram?

1. Is white wine halal or haram in Islam?

No, white wine is generally considered haram (forbidden) in Islam because it contains alcohol, which is explicitly prohibited in the Quran due to its intoxicating effect.

2. Are there any exceptions for consuming white wine in Islam?

There are differing interpretations among Islamic scholars, but the majority view is that alcohol, including white wine, is prohibited. Some scholars may allow for limited exceptions, but these are not widely accepted.

3. Can Muslims consume non-alcoholic white wine?

Non-alcoholic white wine, which contains negligible or zero alcohol content, is generally considered permissible for Muslims to consume, as it does not have an intoxicating effect.

4. What if I accidentally consume white wine or it’s used in cooking?

If white wine is consumed accidentally or used in cooking, it is not sinful, as long as the consumption was unintentional, and you did not knowingly choose to consume it.

5. Can Muslims drink white wine in non-Muslim countries where it’s legal?

Islamic guidelines apply regardless of the legal status of alcohol in a country. Muslims are encouraged to abstain from alcohol consumption in all circumstances, even if it’s legally permitted in a non-Muslim country.

In conclusion, is White wine halal or haram in islam? revolves around the unequivocal prohibition of alcohol in the Quran. While there may be differing opinions and interpretations, the majority consensus deems white wine, like all alcoholic beverages, as haram due to its intoxicating nature. Individual discretion should prioritize adherence to Islamic principles.

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