What Is Halal Nail Polish? – Complete Guide In 2023

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What Is Halal Nail Polish? In recent years, many Muslim women have been asking, What is halal nail polish? or Is Halal Nail polish actually halal in Islam?

While there are differing opinions on the matter, it is generally agreed that wearing nail polish is not actually haram. It can be worn but the hassle of removing it every time you perform a wudu makes it easier to not wear it at all.

To understand what conditions must be met to make wearing nail polish halal, it is important to first look at what makes nail polish haram in the first place.

Halal nail polish is a great way to express one’s style and fashion in a manner that is ethical and respects Islamic teachings.

With so many brands offering halal nail polish, it is now easier than ever to find nail polishes that are free from haram ingredients and vegan-friendly.

Is Nail Polish Haram in Islam?

In general, nail polish is not haram in Islam unless it contains alcohol or any other ingredients that are considered haram by Islamic law. Some nail polishes contain ethanol, acetone, and other solvents which could be problematic.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) when asked about nail polish in Islam:

“…you should not use anything to change the color of the skin because this is worse than tattooing for which the one who does it is cursed. “

If nail polish does contain these types of ingredients then it would be considered haram. In addition, the main reason why nail polish could be considered haram in Islam is that it acts as a barrier between water and skin when performing wudu (ablution).

This means that when a person washes his/her hands, arms, face, and feet for prayer, the water will not be able to touch any part of their body which has been covered by nail polish. Therefore, if someone intends to wear nail polish during wudu then they should remove it prior to doing so.

It should also be noted that removing existing nail polishes before wudu may require more time and effort than usual since most products used for this purpose come with instructions that need to be followed carefully in order for the process to work properly.

What Is Halal Nail Polish?

What Is Halal Nail Polish?

In recent years many cosmetic companies have tried to launch halal nail polish that does not hinder the Islamic preachings of haram ingredient or an intermediate layer between water and nails during wudu.

According to professionals in the cosmetic field, halal nail polish is a type of non-porous/waterproof halal nail polish. Such types of products have specially designed formulas that allow water molecules to pass through them without forming a barrier.

As long as these allow the wearer’s body parts to remain clean and hygienic during this holy ritual without breaking any religious laws they are halal.

Halal nail polish must:

  • Breathable
  • Water Permeable
  • O2 Permeable

Many Cosmetic and Toiletries magazines are found to use these terms to define halal nail polish which explains nail polish allows water to pass through the paint layer and clean the nail.

In What Cases Nail Polish Should Be Removed Prior?

Although nail polish is not haram in Islam, it is still important to keep in mind that it may create an intermediate layer between water and skin during wudu.

Therefore, nail polish should be removed before important Islamic practices like

  • Prayer or Namaz
  • Visiting the mosque
  • Attending any religious ceremonies
  • Reading the Quran
  • Before the burial of a deceased person

It is important to note that nail polish should not be used as an excuse to avoid these activities and those who are wearing nail polish should make sure to remove it beforehand. This will ensure that their religious practices are done in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Can I Wear Nail Polish During Menstruation Period?

It is generally accepted that nail polish can be worn during the menstruation period because women are not obliged to pray or perform wudu during this time. However, nail polish should be removed as soon as the period ends and wudu needs to be performed.

In addition, nail art is not allowed in Islam so it is important that women adhere to this rule while wearing nail polish.

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Top 10 Halal Nail Polish Brands

Top 10 Halal Nail Polish Brands

There are many nail polish brands that claim to be halal or even vegan-friendly. Here is a list of some of the most popular and reliable halal nail polish brands:

  1. Zoya
  2. Sophy Robson nail lacquer
  3. Akhal Nail Polish
  4. 5-free nail polish
  5. Suncoat nail polish
  6. Zura nail lacquer
  7. ORLY nail lacquer
  8. RMS beauty nail colour
  9. Color Street nail polish strips
  10. Mineral fusion nail polishes

These brands have products that are free from any haram ingredients and are formulated to be halal nail polish. In addition, most of these brands also provide nail colors that are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free.

It is important to note that when buying nail polish it is essential to check the ingredients list and the label carefully in order to ensure the product is really halal. This will help avoid any unnecessary religious oversights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Ingredients Make A Nail Polish Haram?

The most common haram ingredients found in nail polish are alcohol and animal derivatives. Some nail polishes also contain pig-derived glycerin and lanolin, which makes them haram.

2. Is Nail Art Haram?

Nail art is generally considered to be haram according to Islamic teachings as it changes the original creation of Allah.

However, the nail polish itself is not haram as long as it does not contain any haram ingredients and is not used as a form of adornment or decoration.

3. Is Nail Polish Allowed During Ramadan?

Yes, nail polish can be worn during Ramadan because it does not interfere with any religious obligations.

However, nail polish should be removed before performing wudu as it may create an intermediate layer between water and skin.


What Is Halal Nail Polish? Hence keeping everything in consideration to answer what is halal nail polish, there are several ways halal nail polishes can fit into an Islamic lifestyle depending on individual preferences and beliefs about whether wearing such products does indeed constitute breaking religious laws or not.

For those who do decide to try out these products, however, there are several things they should keep in mind including carefully checking product labels for any prohibited ingredients or alcohol-based content as well as following instructions provided by manufacturers when removing existing polishes prior to performing wudu or engaging in other religious activities such as prayers while menstruating, etc.

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