Is Kombucha Halal Or Haram? Complete Guide 2023

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is kombucha halal or haram
Is Kombucha Halal

Is Kombucha Halal Or Haram: Ever wondered if certain food and beverages are halal? Similarly, Is kombucha halal or haram in Islam? a common question among kombucha enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look deeper into this subject. We have provided the necessary argument to back the facts listed without malicious information. Keep reading to know more.

Is Kombucha Halal Or Haram?

Kombucha in general is a halal drink. It sure contains a small amount of alcohol (0.5%) which can be removed by boiling kombucha tea before consumption.

The amount of alcohol present is not enough to intoxicate or hamper a human brain hence is figured insignificant when determining the permissibility of the drink in Islam.

Kombucha is an ancient, fermented beverage that has become increasingly popular in the Western world in recent years. It is made by combining

  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) 

Is kombucha halal? The mixture is allowed to ferment together over a period of time. But with its origins rooted in traditional Eastern cultures, many people have been asking whether kombucha is halal or haram.

To know further you need to look at the ingredients used and the process of fermentation. Kombucha typically consists of green or black tea, sugar, and a SCOBY which contains both bacteria and yeast. The Islamic dietary laws classify food into three categories: halal, haram, and makruh (disliked).

According to Islamic law, all food items must be considered halal unless proven otherwise; therefore, it can be assumed that kombucha’s ingredients—tea, sugar, and SCOBY—are all halal unless other sources deem them otherwise. 

However, due to different interpretations among different Muslims on what makes something permissible or forbidden according to dietary laws – such as varying views on the trace amount of alcohol found in kombucha – ultimately only each individual Muslim can decide for themselves if they believe kombucha is permissible for them or not based on their own interpretation of Islam’s dietary laws.

What Is Kombucha? Is It In An Alcoholic Drink?

Is Kombucha halal? Kombucha is a type of fermented tea drink that is made from tea leaves, sugar, water, and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), also known as the “mother” or “mushroom”. 

This combination ferments over time, producing two distinct products: alcohol (ethanol) and carbon dioxide gas bubbles which give the beverage its signature “bubbly” texture. 

The fermentation process involved in the production of kombucha produces small amounts of alcohol (ethanol) as a by-product, usually at levels of 0.5% ABV or lower depending on the recipe and length of fermentation time used.

Some religious scholars have asserted that if only trace amounts of alcohol are produced during fermentation then it would be permissible for consumption according to Islamic law (as long as the person consuming does not get intoxicated) and hence it is a non-alcoholic drink.

However other scholars disagree with this interpretation and state that any amount of alcohol production makes such beverages haram and thus impermissible for consumption under religious laws regardless if intoxication occurs or not. 

kombucha ingredients

What Ingredients In Kombucha Are Halal Or Haram?

Tea and sugar are considered halal, but kombucha also contains a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). While the bacteria in kombucha is halal, the yeast is not, as it is derived from alcohol.

However, due to kombucha’s short fermentation period, only a trace amount of alcohol is produced, which is considered insignificant and permissible according to Islamic dietary laws.

While considering the ingredient you must also take into account how it is produced. Kombucha undergoes a process of fermentation where the sugars are turned into carbon dioxide and alcohol by the bacteria and yeast contained within the SCOBY.

This means that there will likely be some trace amounts of alcohol present in kombucha after fermentation; however, this amount would typically be so minimal as to make it permissible according to Islamic dietary laws. 

Therefore, your choice of whether to acknowledge kombucha as halal or haram should be based on your own interpretation and belief of laws and faith in Islam.

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Is The Presence Of Alcohol In Kombucha Tea Making It Haram?

Sir Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah has referenced this issue in his sermons and explained to his followers:

Everything that is called water is pure and a means of purification, whether some impurity has fallen into it or not if it is known that it has dissolved into it and disappeared.

As for that in which traces of impurity are apparent, it is haraam to use it, because it comes under the heading of using something haraam.

As explained in the fatwa above a clear line between haram and halal lines can be drawn on the basis of its effect or intoxication.

Alcohol in kombucha tea is not enough to make it haram.

Is The Process Of Fermenting Used In Kombucha Tea Haram Like Other Alcoholic Drinks?

The kombucha brewing process is different from other alcoholic drinks in that the fermentation time is much shorter and produces only a trace amount of alcohol.

Therefore, kombucha should be considered halal if it has been fermented for less than 24 hours, as this would ensure that no intoxicating effects are achieved.

For more information on “Is Kombucha Halal” do check out the video given below:-

Is Kombucha Halal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Alcohol In Kombucha?

Yes, kombucha is made through a process of fermentation that produces small amounts of alcohol (ethanol) as a by-product, usually at levels of 0.5% ABV or lower depending on the recipe and length of fermentation time used.

2. Is Kombucha Remedy Halal?

The kombucha remedy is likely halal as long as it has been fermented for less than 24 hours and produces only a trace amount of alcohol. However, it is important to check the ingredients label on kombucha remedies to make sure that no haram ingredients are included in the product.

3. Is Raw Kombucha Haram?

Raw kombucha is typically halal, as long as it has been fermented for less than 24 hours and produces only a trace amount of alcohol. However, it is important to check with your local religious authority to confirm that kombucha is permissible in your area.


As explained in our blog post above, all the shreds of evidence are in favor of “Is kombucha halal”.

Overall while opinions may vary regarding whether or not certain forms of alcoholic beverages can be considered halal under Islamic law based on their ingredients list or processes utilized therein.

Ultimately individuals should exercise their own discretion when deciding what foods they choose to consume in adherence with their personal beliefs system taking into consideration all relevant factors applicable therein accordingly before doing so.

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