Is Popeyes Halal In US And Canada? Unknown Facts In 2023

Reviewed by: Shakira Ahmed
Fact Checked by: Shahina Islam

Is Popeyes Halal In US And Canada?
Is Popeyes Halal

Is Popeyes Halal In US And Canada: If you want to know whether is popeyes halal in the US and Cannada so here we are providing the full detail of whether Popeyes is halal in the US and Canada or not.

Every other Muslim living in the US or Canada often contemplates on is Popeyes halal in the US and  Canada. Owing to the gravity and importance of correct information for the Muslim audience we tried to filter out the most honest and certified data and be as transparent as possible in delivering our review through this blog post.

In case you are living in any of these nations you can enjoy a delicious meal at different outlets of Popeyes but for people sticking to only a halal diet, keep reading this article to be sure of which menu product and which doesn’t contain pork or is cooked with zatka meat.

All Muslims living in Canada can enjoy any Popeye chicken meal without worrying about it not being halal since they are promising halal certification but this isn’t the case for people in the US since Popeyes isn’t halal certified in that region.

In addition, certain items like gravy, red beans, and rice meal provided in US Popeyes contains pork-prepared ingredients.

Popeyes History You Need To Know

Popeyes is known for its culinary tradition for over 40 years and has undoubtedly left a strong footprint in the market of delicious flavours and meat quality. Their best tradition is the experimental meals based on customer cravings and launching rich cajun and creole-flavoured inspirational menus.

You can enjoy all the unique types of chicken including spicy chicken, chicken tenders, fried shrimp, chicken strips, and other regional chicken items. Popeyes has increased its chain with growing restaurants in North America and all other nations across the globe with their varieties and premium flavours.

To clear the intentions of this article this is advised not to read this post as a critical review since we do not intend to disrespect anyone’s dining choices.

This article only claims to inform its reader of their doubt and collect all the resourceful information in one page to reduce your workload and help you come to a decision. Always keep in mind that in the end, it all comes down to your belief and the extent to which you prefer to follow it.

What Is Considered As Halal Meat?

 Halal Meat

Halal, an Arabic-originated word carries the meaning to denote the lawfulness in something according to Islamic beliefs.

For Islamic believers, there is a track of requirements for killing an animal that is legal for their consumption. It includes: slaughter must initiate with a holy prayer enchanted followed by only certain arteries cut in one go.

Popeye has gained faith from their regular believing customers over 40 years and has served only halal-certified chicken in all of their 59 southern Ontario stores, as stated by the court in Popeye’s favour And they were all hand-slaughtered. 

It has been 25 years since they replaced it with machine slaughtering to keep up with the industry trend and for larger birds. 

Although many Muslim community speakers and believers do not trust Popeyes machine slaughtering and are against it.

According to them, Firstly it is not possible to bless all the birds being slaughtered altogether at such high speed. Furthermore, the meat to be halal certified also lies on the person’s belief who handles the machine. 

Summarizing Details

Halal with its meaning of animal slaughtering after blessing them is still in question since the conflict on whether machine slaughtering halal is not yet resolved hence you are advised to read the entire article for gaining as much information as you need.

Is Popeyes Halal in US?

Is Popeyes Halal in US
Is Popeyes Halal In US

Popeyes chicken is halal in the United States. This means that the chicken has been raised and slaughtered according to Islamic law. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is a halal-certifying body in the United States. Popeyes chicken is certified by ISNA as halal.

Is Popeyes Halal in Canada?

Is Popeyes Halal in Canada
Is Popeyes Halal in Canada

As the Muslim population in Canada continues to grow, so does the demand for halal food. While there are many halal restaurants and grocery stores available, finding halal fast food can be a challenge. One of the most popular fast food chains in Canada is Popeyes. So, is Popeyes halal in Canada?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Popeyes does not currently offer any halal options in Canada. However, there are a few Muslim-owned Popeyes franchises in the United States that do offer halal chicken. So if you’re ever in the States and craving some Popeyes, be sure to look for a halal option.

To Brief Our Article We Have Summarized The Details Below:

Popeyes MealUSCanada
Bone-In and Boneless chickenNot halal.Halal.
GravyContains pork.Do not contain any pork.
Red beans and riceNot halal.Halal.

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Is Popeyes Gravy Halal In US and Canada?

Is popeyes halal in Canada? explained earlier in the article gravy served at Popeyes at any restaurant in Canada is Halal certified. However, this is not the case with restaurants in the US. Gravy served there is Not Halal certified. 

Is popeyes halal in Usa? Furthermore, Gravy available at Popeyes in the US is made of Pork derived ingredients and is strictly against the Muslim believer’s halal and blessed diet.

Luckily if you are a Muslim in Canada then you can freely eat gravy at Popeyes since they are perfectly halal and certified by the court, unlike the US. 

Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Halal In US And Canada?

After detailed research on the topic and trying to contact Popeyes through online support we have realized that Chicken sandwiches at Popeyes are halal in Canada but not in the US. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Popeyes Serve Halal Meals?

Ans- All chicken served meals in Canada at Popeyes restaurants are halal but this is not the case with Popeyes in the US.

2. Meat Served In Popeyes Is Machine Slaughtered Or Hand Slaughtered?

Ans- It has been 25 years since Popeyes switched to machine slaughtering for all of their outlets and stores.

3. Is Machine-Slaughtered Chicken Considered Halal?

Ans- There is no black-and-white answer for such a query since there definitely is a difference of belief and is entirely based on your faith and the religious teachings that you follow.

4. Who Is Popeye’s Meat Supplier And Are They Halal Certified?

Ans- Dunn-rite Foods and  Sunrise Poultry Processors Ltd. are Popeye’s suppliers who are halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada.

5. Are Popeyes Owners Muslim?

Ans- Popeye is not owned by an individual company it rather is a franchise among which some are Muslim but some aren’t.

6. Does Popeye’s Meals Contain Pork?

Ans-  All Popeye’s restaurants located in Canada do not serve any meals containing pork or its derived products but US-located restaurants do.

Final Words

Let’s hope this post was able to answer your doubt Is Popeyes Halal in the US and Canada? All the recipes and menus served in Canada located Popeyes are halal-certified and pork-free which works out best for Islamic believers.

But some claim against it since machine slaughtering in their opinion is not blessing the dead animal hence question remains unsolved of them being halal or not.

Furthermore, all US-located Popeyes restaurants are not halal certified and some of their meals even contain pork. Strict believers avoid kitchens with any usage of pork hence there is a large cut down of Muslim customers in the US compared to Canada for Popeyes.

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