Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Haram? Fully Explained

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Is Reese's Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Not?
Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Haram

If you are finding that ‘Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Haram‘ so this is the best article for you here you will get a brief detail in this article, read the complete article.

Curious about is Reese’s Pieces chocolate halal? Well, look no further. There have been increased doubts on whether chocolates, specially manufactured in the US or other non-muslim countries are halal or haram. 

Yes, Reese’s pieces of chocolate are halal since they are free of any animal product except for milk and contain only plant-derived ingredients. Hence we can comfortably claim these chocolates as halal and enjoy the delicious peanut rolling chocolate in perfectly blended layers.

Is Reese’s Pieces Halal? We noticed it is widespread for people sticking to vegetarian or vegan diets along with the crowd with Islamic beliefs to question whether or not a food product is halal or animal derivatives free and to address all of our such audience we publish this blog post declaring Reese’s pieces chocolate as halal providing sufficient evidence so read on!

Reese’s Pieces are a chocolate candy that has been enjoyed by people worldwide for many years. We have gathered all the information that may help you make a decision.

Let Us Clear Your Doubts Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Haram?

Since no other party can clear the doubts with utmost clarification we tried to go through every smallest detail that the company has ever laid out for its audience. Luckily, we came across the most reliable evidence for Reese’s Chocolate’s halal declaration.

Owing to all the erupting questions and conflicts, the company has posted the following official statement on its Twitter account to answer all its audience. 

The following Reese’s products are certified Halal: 

  • Reese’s Sticks, UPC 341520
  • Reese’s Sticks Minis (Unwrapped), UPC 3400009468
  • Reese’s Pieces, UPC 3400011420
  • Reese’s Pieces, UPC 3400011663
  • Reese’s Pieces, UPC 342480

This post certainly cleared doubts but the missing name of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups caused panic among people. Many replied to the post with agitated remarks like,

 “Crap, that means the Peanut Butter Cups aren’t halal”

 But the company was quick to calm the public with a further post saying, 

“We apologize for the oversight! But we reconfirm that the REESE’S Cups are Halal.” 

Is Reese's Pieces Chocolate Halal

Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal Or Haram?

Is Reese’s Pieces Halal? We cleared your doubt is Reese’s halal or haram then For a food product to be halal, it needs to satisfy the requirements specified in the holy book of the Quran. In short, it must not contain any prohibited animal meat according to Islamic laws. The food shall have no step of processing or manufacturing using such animal materials.

As clearly stated in the company’s official statement on Twitter that their chocolates do not contain any such products but you must go through the ingredients listed on the wrapper before your purchase to find out the question of ‘Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal’.

In some nations, this determination is much simple since they mark halal signs on the packet but for other locations, you need to be careful.    

Most of the globally famous chocolate brands are audited from the initial stage of processing raw materials till the final packaging and are then certified as halal.

Reese’s Pieces chocolate is also halal certified in many nations because its ingredients are limited to cocoa solids and cocoa butter excluding any alcoholic or haram meat.  

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Ingredients Used In Reese’s Chocolate

Following is the list of all the ingredients used in Reese’s Pieces chocolate:

  • Chocolates from  Cocoa Butter along with Skim Milk, Reduced Protein Whey (Milk), Fat, Lactose, Lecithin, and PGPR)
  • Partially defatted peanuts
  • Sugar content.
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil [Palm Kernel Oil, Soybean Oil]
  • Salt.
  • TBHQ (tert-butylhydroquinone – a preservative.
  • Salt and Vanillin.
  • Corn Syrup Solids.

Does Reese’s Pieces Have Gelatin

Gelatin is not present in Reese’s Pieces. Gelatin is a frequently used substance that comes from animals, usually from the collagen in their bones, skin, and connective tissues. 

However, Reese’s Pieces are constructed of a candy shell and a peanut butter filling, neither of which generally contain gelatin. Gelatin is not one of the ingredients mentioned for Reese’s Pieces. As a result, Reese’s Pieces are safe to eat for those who refrain from eating gelatin due to dietary restrictions or religious beliefs.

Reese’s Pieces Chocolate: Everything You Need To Know

The Hershey Company has been the forever favorite of chocolate lovers all around the globe. In the early 1920s one of the company’s employees, H.B. Reese began producing peanut butter cups along with the delicious chocolate it took no time in gaining people’s attention.

Is Reese’s Pieces Halal? To authenticate the company’s claim of Reese’s chocolate being halal we have found some data to remove all doubt grey zones on the subject ‘Is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Halal’ in this article.

  • Reese’s Pieces are a type of chocolate candy made with Reese’s peanut butter. It is made with several different ingredients, including sugar, cocoa butter, milk, and peanuts.
  • The cocoa butter in Reese’s Pieces is also derived from cocoa beans, which are considered halal according to some people and are the origin of all doubts. However, some companies use animal-based fats in their cocoa butter, which would make it haram.
  • The milk used in Reese’s Pieces is usually derived from cows, which are considered halal. However, some companies use milk from goats or other animals, which would make it haram.
  • The peanuts used in Reese’s Pieces are typically considered halal, as they are a plant-based product. However, some companies use peanut oil that has been processed with animal-based fats, which would make it haram.
  • Overall, the ingredients used to make Reese’s Pieces can be either halal or haram depending on how they are sourced. If you are still concerned about whether or not the candy is halal, you should check the ingredients mentioned in the chocolate wrapper. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Vegan?

Ans- No, Reese’s Pieces chocolates are not vegan since they contain animal-derived product milk but Reese’s peanut butter sauces and toppings are both the only vegan options. 

Q2. What Are The Different Kinds Of Products Under Reese’s Chocolate?

Ans- The different kinds of chocolate under the same name include over 100 candy bars, spreads, cookies, and cereals. Reese’s cups is one of the top product of the company and is made with a combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white cream.

Q3. Are Hershey And Reese’s The Same Company?

Ans- In the beginning, The Hershey Company was only supplying H.B. Reese with the chocolate coating under their name and kept a friendly relationship in business. With time Reese’s was sold to The Hersheys Company in 1963.

Wrapping Up

So let us ask you now, Is Reese’s pieces chocolate halal or haram? We hope that you are able to make up your mind about this chocolate.

Reese’s Pieces are a chocolate candy made by Hershey. The candy consists of small, round pieces of chocolate covered in a candy shell. The chocolate is made with cocoa beans, sugar, milk, and vanilla. The candy shell is made with sugar and corn syrup.

Is Reese’s Pieces Halal? There is no alcohol or gelatin in Reese’s Pieces, so they are suitable for vegetarians. The candy is also halal, as it does not contain any pork products or other animal products that are not allowed by Islamic law.

The ingredients in Reese’s Pieces are also generally considered to be safe for people with peanut allergies. However, it is always best to check with a doctor or allergist before eating any food containing peanuts.

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