Top 7 Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples A Whole Brief In 2023

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Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples
Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples

Ramadan rules for unmarried couples If you are finding them here we are providing you with a list of the 7 most important Ramadan rules for unmarried couples so read this full article to better understand.

Dating in Islam has its own rules, and during Ramadan, these rules become even stricter. These seven Ramadan rules for unmarried couples can help guide them on their Ramadan journey. For unmarried couples during Ramadan, in particular, these guidelines must be followed if they wish to remain in good standing with Islam.

Every Muslim should remember the top priority of this holy month, Ramadan, and must keep in mind that no activity should be done in a way that could possibly take away any blessings from this sacred time.

It is important to remember that Ramadan is meant to get your sins forgiven, and you should not be doing anything that may get you in more trouble with Allah. The prime responsibility of every unmarried couple is to:

  • Pray For Blessings And Mercy From Allah.
  • Complete Your Fasting.
  • Complete Your Five Daily Prayers In A Mosque Or Any Other Place Of Worship.

Romantic displays of affection, such as hand-holding, hugs, and kisses, should be avoided during Ramadan by unmarried couples. This is to prevent any desire from being aroused between the couple before marriage. It is also important not to spend too much time with each other alone as it is a form of temptation.

What Are The 7 Most Important Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples?

Although Islam forbids any kind of relationship between men and women before marriage, there are a lot of Muslims dating across the world and they should abstain from causing any more sins by being conventional unmarried couples during the month of Islam.

Here is a rule book of the top Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples that every unmarried couple must abide by during Ramadan:

1. Intimacy Restrictions

Unmarried Couples must refrain from certain activities or indulgences that could be considered distractions from the true purpose of Ramadan, which is to seek closeness with Allah. For unmarried couples, this means avoiding certain behaviors that could lead to discomfort or uncertainty in their relationship.

It is absolutely necessary for unmarried couples to stay away from any kind of physical intimacy at all. So, hugging, kissing, etc. should be avoided as it can lead to arousing wrong desires and that is totally prohibited in Islam.

This is one of the most important of the 7 Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples Even the simplest act of holding hands is forbidden during Ramadan for unmarried couples.

Every Muslim should Zina as far as possible. As explained by Abu Hurayrah, in the words of the Prophet (May bring peace upon him):

“The child of Adam has to have his share of Zina (adultery or fornication) no matter how well he/she endeavors to avoid it. The Zina of the eyes is by gazing, the Zina of the ears is by listening, the Zina of the tongue is by talking, the Zina of the hands is by touching, the Zina of the foot is by walking [to forbidden places], and the heart desires and wishes. Then, the private parts either submit to this or deny it.”

For all married couples across the world, these strict laws become more of a reminder that they should be careful with their behavior throughout the year and not only during Ramadan. Married couples are permitted to be intimate after the fast is over or after sunset.

2. What Type Of Clothing To Be Worn?

Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples

The dressing etiquette during Ramadan is to be modest and avoid any kind of attention-grabbing clothing. This rule applies especially to unmarried couples, who should not wear revealing or tight clothes that might draw the wrong kind of attention from outsiders.

Clothes should cover up the body properly and mustn’t show too much skin. Proper dress is required when going out in public, as it’s important to show respect for the holy month.

Unmarried couples should ensure that both parties adhere to modest dress codes throughout the month.

  • Men Should Avoid Wearing Clothes That May Be Seen As Revealing.
  • Women Should Wear Clothing That Covers Their Entire Body From Shoulders Down Including Long Skirts Or Dresses And Loose-Fitting Tops Or Abayas. 

3. Refrain From Going On Dates And Unnecessary Meetings

Unmarried couples must avoid going on dates during Ramadan, as this is seen as a distraction and can be considered disrespectful to the holy month.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“If someone calls you for an unnecessary purpose or invites you out while you are fasting, then do not respond.”

Unmarried couples should also refrain from unnecessary meetings and gatherings that can lead to inappropriate conversations or activities. It is important for unmarried couples to have separate places of worship, such as mosques so that they are not seen together in public.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“Do not look at a woman outside of marriage, even if she is to be wife.”

Respecting these guidelines will help build self-control and accountability throughout Ramadan and beyond. May Allah grant us all His mercy and blessings. Amen.

4. Do Not Avoid Fasting For Irrelevant Reasons

It is necessary for unmarried couples to fast during Ramadan, even if they can’t be together. Fasting is a crucial part of the holy month and should not be avoided or delayed due to irrelevant reasons. Unmarried couples should also ensure that they make up any missed days in order to complete the full 30-day period of fasting.

Therefore, it’s important for unmarried couples who are fasting together to make sure they both attend all five daily prayers at their local mosque every day before sunset without fail so that both partners can reap maximum rewards from Allah SWT during this blessed month due to their faithfulness & commitment towards him and his expectations from them as believers.  

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“Whosoever does not fast a single day of Ramadan without any reasonable excuse, then it is as if he has disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.”

Allah will be more pleased with those who observe a complete month of fasting and will bless them with His mercy and plentiful rewards.

5. Avoid Flirting While Fasting

Flirting with each other through text messages, phone calls, or other means is strictly not allowed during Ramadan and can be seen as disrespectful of the holiness of this month. Couples must restrain their feelings and remain respectful when communicating with one another during this time. 

It is important to keep conversations focused on spiritual topics and avoid any form of flirting while fasting. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“Whoever talks during the fast should not expect any reward from Allah.”

Therefore, unmarried couples must ensure that their conversations are appropriate, as these will be judged by Allah during the month of Ramadan. This is also a very important rule of the 7 Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples.

6. Do Not Attend Parties And Gatherings Together


Unmarried couples should avoid attending parties or gatherings together during Ramadan. This is necessary for unmarried couples to maintain their own personal space and respect the sanctity of this holy month.

 It’s important to remember that attending parties or gatherings where alcohol is served is strictly prohibited during Ramadan, even if you’re not drinking any alcohol yourself as it goes against the spirit of the month. 

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“Whoever drinks alcohol in Ramadan will not obtain any reward from Allah.”

Therefore, unmarried couples should avoid such places in order to stay away from potential temptations and respect the holiness of this blessed month.

7. Observe Proper Islamic Etiquette

It is important for unmarried couples to observe proper Islamic etiquette when interacting with one another during Ramadan. This includes respecting each other’s privacy, refraining from inappropriate physical contact or conversations that may lead to sexual desires, and keeping their conversations focused on religious and spiritual topics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Unmarried Couples See Each Other During Ramadan?

It is allowed for unmarried couples to see each other during Ramadan, as long as they observe proper Islamic etiquette and refrain from engaging in any inappropriate behavior. 

They should also make sure to respect the sanctity of this holy month by abstaining from physical contact or conversations that may lead to sexual desires.

2. Can A Boyfriend And Girlfriend Kiss During Ramadan?

No, Ramadan is a month of prayers and fasts. It should not involve any physical contact.

3. Can Unmarried Couples Have Meals Together During Ramadan?

Yes, unmarried couples can have meals together during Ramadan.

4. Can We Say I Love You During Ramadan?

No, it is best to avoid saying “I love you” during Ramadan and focus on spiritual conversations instead.


To conclude all the Ramadan rules for unmarried couples, there are three most basic principles that should be kept in mind.

  • First, don’t let your roommate know about your relationship status.
  • Second, be sure to respect each other’s fasting schedules and religious beliefs.
  • Lastly, take this opportunity to get to know each other and grow closer as a couple.

If you can follow these simple rules, you will have a happy and healthy Ramadan! So, now you know what are the rules for unmarried couples during Ramadan. Thanks for reading.

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Ramadan Rules For Unmarried Couples
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