Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal? Best Advice for 2023

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Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal?
Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal?

Is Nutella chocolate spread halal: If you want to know that is Nutella chocolate spread halal or not so here we are providing the full detail about Is Nutella chocolate spread halal?

Nutella is a chocolate spread that is marketed as a hazelnut cocoa spread. It has gained a lot of popularity lately, yet many people are unsure if it is halal. So, is Nutella chocolate spread halal? Yes, Nutella Chocolate Spread is indeed halal.

Amidst the recent controversy where this hazelnut chocolate spread brand Nutella made a Tweet on September 14, 2020, stating that Nutella spread is not halal, Muslims all over the world are appalled and furious at the company. Addressing a question about whether or not the Nutella chocolate spread is halal, Nutella made a Tweet and said: “No, they are not halal.”

Muslim countries and people were completely aghast as the Tweet went viral immediately. Many countries decided to ban the product’s overall distribution in their country while others were ready to boycott the brand in full. Let’s read all the details about “Is Nutella chocolate spread halal?”.

However, the business released an apology for the earlier Tweet a few days later and retweeted it,

“All Nutella sold worldwide is suitable for Halal consumption. Over 90% of the industrial plants producing Nutella are already Halal-certified by a third party and we are in the process of certifying the remaining plants. We apologize for the mistake made in our earlier tweet.”

is nutella chocolate spread halal or not conversation on tweeter

People throughout the world were reassured by this clarification that Nutella is halal. However, some people are still doubting the halal nature of Nutella chocolate spread. So we decided to write a blog post to elucidate our Muslim brothers about the same.

Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal?

Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal?


The most certain way to know whether a product is halal or not is to directly get in touch with the official consumer representatives of the company in question. So, to clarify whether Nutella chocolate spread is halal or not, we contacted the company itself and asked about it.

On getting in touch with one of their consumer representatives, they stated that all Nutella products are indeed halal. They also added that their products are all halal-certified. To get detailed information about any specific product, refer to the product’s label. 

This response from the customer service personnel undoubtedly assisted us in making it clear that all Nutella products are indeed absolutely halal to consume.

For the people living in Islamic nations, like Middle Eastern nations, there is no such concern about the halal nature of a product. This is because all products that are distributed in these countries are inspected and regulated by the government beforehand. 

As a result, only halal goods are permitted to enter the nation. Let’s read more about Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal.

Ingredients In Nutella Chocolate Spread

Nutella chocolate Ingredients

Examining this product’s ingredients can help us determine whether Nutella chocolate spread is halal or haram. Here is a list of the contents of Nutella Chocolate Spread:

  • Sugar
  • Palm Oil
  • Hazelnuts (13%)
  • Skimmed Milk Powder (8.7%)
  • Fat-reduced cocoa (7.4%)
  • Emulsifier: lecithin (soya)
  • Vanillin

Source: Nutella products

The components listed above demonstrate that there were no prohibited substances used in the production of the Nutella chocolate spread. Most ingredients are plant-based including the flavours added in it. This proves that Nutella complies with halal standards and so is halal.

Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal-Certified?

No, Nutella is not halal-certified. However, this does not render it haram for ingestion. As seen above, all the ingredients of Nutella chocolate spread are halal and no impermissible items were used in its making. It is just not certified as halal by the authorities. 

Also, in the Tweet made by the company, the Nutella brand stated that more than 90% of its commercial factories that make Nutella have received third-party Halal certification, while they are working towards certifying the remaining ones as well. 

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Is There Pork In Nutella?

Nutella doesn’t contain any pork. This spread is created by combining dry-roasted hazelnuts and almonds with cocoa powder, cocoa butter, palm oil, and sugar. Along with the guarantee that it is vegan, you get the classic Nutella flavor.

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FAQs: Is Nutella Chocolate Spread Halal

Q1. Is Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Halal?

Ans. Yes, chocolate hazelnut spread halal. It depends on the country you live in. US and Canadian laws do not require certain products to be halal certified while the same products with the same ingredients are halal certified in other countries they are sold. some country does not prefer halal certificate for their products, but some country strictly follows halal certificate products in the country.

Q2. Is Nutella Haram In Pakistan?

Ans. Nutella is halal, and “permissible,” there are just not halal-certified. The brand clarified in its Twitter account reply to users “ Nutella sold worldwide is suitable for Halal consumption”.

Q3. Is Nutella Haram In Canada?

Ans. Yes, they are not haram in Canada. Nutella is sold worldwide for its Halal consumption. More than 90 % of plants in Canada are halal-certified by a third party.

Q4. What Is In Nutella Chocolate Spread?

Ans. Hazelnuts (13%), Emulsifier: lecithin (soya), vanillin, palm oil, Skimmed milk powder, Fat-reduced cocoa (7.4%), (8.7%), Sugar.


So, is Nutella chocolate spread halal? The verdict is in: Nutella chocolate spread is halal. This information was confirmed by the company owner Ferrero, which makes Nutella. After contacting the company directly, we received a response that stated “We confirm that Nutella and all of its ingredients are compliant with Islamic law.” 

So far, there have been no reports of any problems with the ingredients in Nutella. As always, it is important to do your research and ask an expert if you have any questions about whether a food is halal. 

Many Nutella alternatives on the market are certified halal, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not a fan of hazelnut spread. And remember, when in doubt, check the ingredients list!

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